QPS roll out forces to catch speeding drivers

Hundreds of police will be deployed across the state to catch speeding drivers on our roads over the next 24 hours.

The move is a part of a national road safety campaign designed to reduce speeding on Queensland roads.

They’ll use every weapon in their arsenal to catch drivers breaking the law, including mobile speed guns, increased patrols and marked and unmarked cars across the state.


Assitant Commissioner Mike Keating said the task force will also target drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, lack of seatbelts, fatigue and driver distraction.

“Speeding is just one of the Fatal 5, all of these are proven contributing factors to fatal and serious crashes causing injury,” said Assistant Commissioner Keating.

“Exceeding the speed limit comes with a cost, be it a fine or, more importantly, the human cost in the risk of death or serious injury to yourself, your loved ones, or other road users.”