Queen’s praise for Comm Games volunteers

The Queen has praised the thousands of volunteers who are about to give up their time to help out with the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The Queen has released a message ahead of Commonwealth Day on Monday, highlighting the contribution that sport makes to building peace and development.

“The excitement and positive potential of friendly rivalry will be on display next month as we enjoy the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia,” Her Majesty said.


The Queen pointed out the crucial work that volunteers undertake to make the Commonwealth Games run smoothly.

“Contributing to the success of the Games, alongside athletes and officials, will be thousands of volunteers.”

“Voluntary effort, by people working as individuals, in groups or through larger associations, is so often what shapes the Commonwealth and all our communities.”

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games will feature around 15,000 volunteers who will undertake a total of one million hours of work over 11 days.