The Queensland Ambulance ‘Bicycle Response Team’ is here! [photos]

We’ll soon see Queensland Ambulance paramedics cruising along our pathways, with the new Bicycle Response Team unveiled on the Gold Coast today.

The new mobile and dynamic QAS team has been formed to respond to emergencies on the tourist strip and provide first response during major events including The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The Bicycle Response Team will roll into action on Monday and is tasked with responding to incidents in the Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach areas, whether they be on the beach, parklands, shopping precincts or private residences.


Commissioner Russell Bowles said the team was an integral part of the organisation’s preparedness for GC2018.

“GC2018 will bring an influx of tourists, competitors and media to the Gold Coast and the BRT will complement our existing resources, and will be particularly useful in accessing patients in crowded public areas like the festival hubs,” Mr Bowles said.

QAS Bicycle Response Team

QAS Bicycle Response Team Training | PHOTO: Supplied by QAS Media

“BRT officers will treat patients who don’t require transportation to hospital as well as provide initial care until other resources arrive for those who do need further medical assistance.”

Assistant Commissioner for the Commonwealth Games, Gerard Lawler, said the BRT will initially comprise of seven members who will work in teams of two covering a ten hour shift, 7 days a week.

“We’ve identified the times when the majority of people are out on the beaches enjoying themselves or crowded into the Gold Coast’s parklands, restaurants, cafes and bars – and that’s when our officers will be riding around,” Mr Lawler said.

QAS Bicycle Response Team

QAS Bicycle Response Team Training | PHOTO: Supplied by QAS Media

“The team are riding hardtail mountain bikes equipped with safety livery and lighting and our paramedics will respond with a primary response kit that includes an automatic external defibrillator, advanced airway kit and major/minor trauma kit.