Queensland border closures dominate COVID-19 recovery conversations

The issue of border closures have once again dominated local, state and federal discussions, ahead of the National Cabinet meeting today.

It comes after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday suggested her and the Prime Minister have always been on the same page about the border reopening in July.

That’s despite once suggesting a September date was way more likely, which was backed by the state’s chief health officer.


That call then came under intense criticism, particularly from the tourism industry which fears missing out on southern tourists during the winter period.

Overnight, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has called for the Premier to officially name a date despite once backing her decision to keep the borders closed.

He’s told Newscorp he’s changed his tune on the matter after seeing the protests in Brisbane over the weekend.

The border closures are set to dominate this morning’s National Cabinet meeting as well, with hopes states and territories will collectively decide on when interstate travel could begin again.

But the impact of the weekend’s protests around the country could pose a fresh problem to the easing of restrictions.

Meantime, Clive Palmer’s battle with the state government over the closures will return to court today as well.

He’s joined with tourism operators to argue the decision is unconstitutional.

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In an article from MyGC yesterday, the premier stated: “… I will always put the health of Queenslanders first.” What about just ALL Australians?! My family lives in NSW but I don’t regard them as any less deserving than myself or anyone else living in Queensland. If all other states are happy to open up their borders and recognise that everyone in Australia is worthy of respect, Queensland should not think of itself as more important than the rest! The time it takes to cross the border into Queensland at 5pm each weekday after work is a waste of precious time that those of us having to suffer this ridiculous ruling will have lost forever. Meanwhile thousands throng together in Brisbane protests…. No logic!

Border checkpoints are doing nothing except causing mega traffic delays.
The officers at the checkpoints don’t even look anymore, they are over it, they just stand there for the overtime pay. Open the borders FFS!

All these people that keep saying the premier is keeping us safe don’t know the numbers.
What is she keeping us safe from? there are 4 active covid cases in QLD and only 2 of those are in hospital.

This is all politics and has NOTHING to do with keeping as safe. I’d tired of all the BS coming from this QLD government, I live on the coast and work in the travel industry and we are seething at the decisions being made to keep the boarders shut.

They are trying to saw up the vote with this pandering to the inner city wankers that for the most part are public sector workers or on government payrolls.

Remember QLD this premier is all talk and no action when it comes to QLD outside of the Brisbane CBD.
After the election she desert us all, get rid of the mining jobs, add more green tape and ensure the travel industry is on its knees.

Dont vote for the QLD ALP in the Oct election, vote for anyone other party.

keep in mind since 1989 the ALP has been in power for 26 years (c.86%) of the last 31 years. Any problems QLD has is a direct result of the QLD ALP.