Queensland border pass process ‘streamlined’ with new changes

Queensland Police are introducing changes to the state’s border pass system, in the hopes to make it easier for both police and the user.

The online questionnaire will be tweaked so that it can decide exactly which border pass an applicant would need, to avoid confusion.

Plus, valid documentation will need to be supplied online so that approval can be given before the applicant arrives at the border crossing.


However the process is expected to take up to three days to process, meaning applicants will need to apply for it earlier.

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski says the changes will make for a more streamlined process.

“When driving through we encourage people to have a hard copy of their pass and display that.

“Now if the police choose to intercept them, based on the type of the pass that it is; as a random audit or one that has to be stopped, there’s a QR code on that which will be read by an app on the police officer’s devices which will make it a lot more streamlined,” Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said.

Applicants are still be asked to bring hard copies of their pass and their documentation to border crossings, just in case of technology delays.

While those with valid passes will still be able to use those passes until expiry.

The changes will make the process at airports a lot quicker, with applicants to show police a QR code instead of having to show all the different documentation.

But Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski says the road borders, particularly on the Gold Coast, probably won’t see a huge difference in delays.

“Whilst we are doing this to really streamline the process so that we can get people through a lot more quicker, the fate remains, particularly on the Gold Coast, we still filter people coming into the Gold Coast across those borders into two lanes.

“So we can only process the same amount of people at any given time no matter what the system is,” Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said.

It’s understood the changes will be in place from tomorrow, with a three day changeover period.

More details will be available on the Queensland government’s website later today.