QLD BORDER REOPENING: Everything you need to know

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced the State’s borders will reopen from July 10 to all other states except Victoria.

Tough border measures will also be introduced for anyone coming from Victoria, including mandatory hotel quarantine.

Here’s how it will work –


From 12 noon, July 3 –

  • Any person (whether a Queensland resident or non-Queensland resident) who has been in any local government area within the State of Victoria within the last 14 days should not come to Queensland. If they do, they must undergo mandatory quarantine in a hotel at their own expense for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Queensland residents must not travel to any local government area in Victoria.
  • The Queensland Government will implement enhanced border control measures, including border passes and identification screening.

From 12 noon 10 July –

  • From 10 July 2020, any person from New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory may enter Queensland subject to completing and signing a border declaration.
  • If any person entering Queensland from whatever place has spent time in any local government area in Victoria during the past 14 days, they will be subject to mandatory hotel quarantine.


  • All persons entering Queensland must complete and sign a border declaration stating they have not been to any local government area in Victoria in the past 14 days. Penalties up to $4000 apply for false
  • All flights will be checked and road vehicle borders will be enforced.
  • Police will enforce quarantine.
  • A person who refuses testing in quarantine will be subject to a further 10-day period at cost

Source: Queensland Government

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Where do we get a “border declaration”?

No where! I looked everywhere onlin! Queensland Government have to update their website so we can download new form 🙁

When and Where do we get a border declaration form for the 10th of July

Hi has anyone found out where we get the border declaration form please

I would also like to know can you get the declaration form prior to arriving at the border?
Imagine the chaos at road border crossings if they can only be filled in on arrival at the entry point ?

It’s available online now

Where? Please share the link. Thank you!

agree no where to be found….calling the Qld Covid-19 to find out as we’ll be heading up on 10 July as well

I cannot find it anywhere could you please send me the link to the boarder pass

Where abouts please as I have looked everywhere?

Where??? the only declaration available on the website is the one for exempt persons!!

where abouts? still can’t find it

What’s the link?

Yes where do we get a border declaration from

The form is on the Qld border controls website

No it isn’t. Only the exemption form is there

Looking for the declaration please

Ok most likely downloaded via the Qld gov site. It’s not published yet

yes looking for the border form

No answer yet be a long wait if its at border stoping every car

40 minute wait

Agree with you about the long wait. It is already congested at the Tweed border now, and those cars have passes clearly displayed on the windshields.

The reason for the delay at the border is due to all the idiots trying to get through without a pass. They are the ones taking up the time.

Understand NSW residents can’t enter Qld until after 10 July . Does this mean the declaration needed to enter will not be available till then? If this is the case can we get the declaration before this date on line or do we get it at border and complete it on entering?

The pass is only valid for 7 days, so you will need to either enter Qld within 7 days upon the receipt of your pass, or complete another application. Best to do it sooner to the time you intend to enter Qld.

I agree with Rhonda. It is logical that the form won’t be valid until after the 10th July, but, one would hope that the form is available in advance with estimated arrival date specified by the applicant.

Hi Barry, I’m sure the form will be available by the 10th, it would need to be, thats the day the boarder opens .

Yes please I also would like to know where to get the border declaration form ?

YES, excellent question. I have looked & looked. But it’s NOWHERE to be found. That women has finally opened up boarder to Qld. Not midnight 30th June, but residents & businesses & workers have to wait another 10 days.

Where do I get a border declaration

I have looked online and they QLD government website is still directing to an “exemption” form but not a declaration form. It’s all very confusing.

With existing form (in use until 10 July) , it is the same thing- you are declaring that you are exempt from the closure, thus allowed to cross. People living close to the border have to cross for work, medical appts etc, all sorts of reasons

That’s what I want to know. Do you do it at the border or is it a form you download. I rang Queensland Gov re border passes etc and they didn’t know, as yet.

I emailed them on Monday this week and still have not heard from them.

One can download it . I am told evidence of the pass on one’s smart phone is quite ok, but if one has a printed pass, it will be quicker to get through the border checks.

If you are wishing to enter qld for a holiday/visit family, from nsw, which box do you select,? Very vague

Just google “Queensland Border Pass ands Declaration” . Once that is completed you will receive an email with your form to be printed.

That’s if you are entering before 10th July.. These will be invalid on 10th July and you’ll have to apply for the new one being released on 10th!

Do you have an answer to above question

Same here

Yes I would like to know where you get a border declaration to complete and sign. Is it a form I will complete at the airport when I arrive in Brisbane or do I complete a form before I go? Cant find this information anywhere.

Yes need to know where to get the border declaration so we can be prepared before we go through to Qld

What about full time travellers with victorian rego. Plenty of ‘victorians’ travelling who havent been to victoria in months.

As per the Queensland premier,all Victorian residents are not allowed to cross the border unless they quarantine for 14 days at their own expense in a designated hotel

now the border is closed now to victoria next is the declaration form for nsw people

interesting question.commonsense would think that you have alkready semi isolated for however long since leaving Vic ..if you can produce a neg test you should be allowed over and into NT or Qld

Easy if licence says vic u wont get a in

We are from Victoria and have been in NSW for just over 3 weeks, are we able to go into WLD

No Karen,all Victorians are banned from entering queensland

Currently yes but Not the case after border opens.if you have not been in Victoria for 14 days you can enter

Not what the Queensland government dept told me , if you have been out of Victoria for at least 14 days & don’t come from a hotspot you can sign a border dec when they come online

We arrived in NSW from Portland Victoria (No COVID 19 cases within a 400km radius) on the 10th of June. Booked into the Broken Head Holiday Park (7km South of Byron Bay) until the 17th of July. This means of course that initially we have not been within 400km of the “Hotspots” in Melbourne for over 5 weeks so what is our scenario???

It sounds like you will only need to declare that you HAVE NOT been in any Vic areas in last 4 weeks, in order to get across border irregardless of your car rego, drivers licence etc. The onus and legal responsibility is then on YOU and as such you can be pcome prosecutable.

Make that 14 days?

Ring the Gov phone number and get directed to the Border restrictions line 137468. You’ll find you will be ok as yiu haven’t been in Vic for the padt 14 days. You’ll need 2 forms- both of which are not online yet. One is the QLD entry pass ( different to what is online now AND a Border declaration form. Have the receipts of where you’ve stayed as proof for dates etc.

Similar situation . Been out of Vic for more than 3 weeks but can’t seem to clarify whether that qualifies us to get in to Q’ld. Live in Rural Vic as well, nowhere near the affected areas.

“Any person (whether a Queensland resident or non-Queensland resident) who has been in any local government area within the State of Victoria within the last 14 days should not come to Queensland.come to Queensland. If they do, they must undergo mandatory quarantine in a hotel at their own expense for a minimum of 14 days.” Kind of think that it’s reasonably clear … If you have been in Victoria in the last 14 days then I would recommend that you stay where you are.

We are in the same situation, the form should be accessible in the next few days, according to a spokesperson from Qld government who I spoke to today ,or at least some info


Thank you 🙂

Any person (whether a Queensland resident or non-Queensland resident) who has been in any local government area within the State of Victoria within the last 14 days should not come to Queensland

What is a “ any local government area”

Council area, example Bendigo whether it be city, shire or municipality.

Where do I download a boarder declaration form from

Can’t find anywhere

We are Victorians. We have been in NSW for 3 weeks. Are we allowed to travel into QLD?

On the Gov app it says anyone who has spent time in Vic local gov area over last 14 days. You need to sign a declaration saying this. It will be available in the next couple of days, Premier said yesterday. Should be fine if you’ve been in NSW and have proof ie receipt from caravan park etc.

As others are asking I have Vic plates and licence but haven’t been in VIC is it open to travellers with no actual place of residence who happen to be registered in VIC?

How do we download the border declaration form.

Read above comments

If you have been in NSW for two weeks and you live in Bendigo can you then cross into QLD signing a declaration.

If you fly from SA to Qld via Melbourne on the 7th of July would you have to quarantine for 14 day. Or you can end your quarantine on the 10th of July, 12.00 noon?
Would you have to quarantine if you travel via Mel airport later then 10th of July?

I am doing the same thing. Flying to and from Gold Coast – Adelaide. I can not fly through Melbourne with out having to quarantine. So I have to now fly out of Brisbane with a direct flight.

So if I go from Qld and ride down to Newcastle in NSW, do I need to do a declaration on my return? If so where do I find it?

Like a lot of others, where can we get a declaration form from?

I rang Qld government today, we are from Victoria, but have been travelling in N SW, they told me we would be allowed into Qld once we fill out the dec form, which hasn’t been put up yet on their site, hopefully it will be in the next few days

What’s this going to mean for border residents? Already takes 30 minutes to cross the border with all the traffic. Will it get worse as more people get the green light to travel?

It can’t possibly get any easier with all these extra cars in the line with us! I already do an hour instead of my usual 30 minutes in the afternoon. I’m just grateful as hell that lm going home and l feel sorry for the people heading north to work in the morning. It’s really worn away at me over the past 3 months and lm just not looking forward to losing more time.

Yep … as per expected, the locals get shafted … but the tourism industry gets a boost … which feeds some of the locals … It would be nice if there was a “locals only” line at the border …

O.M.G l’d looooove that.

I don’t think this website is correct saying 12 noon on the 10th of July. It should be 12:01am on the 10th of July

You mean pm

Would like to travel to Queensland to pick up my son who is a resident of Queensland. I would like to bring him back to NSW for his mother’s internment of her ashes. I know I have to make a declaration, but how will it work for him to return to Queensland after the service.

Your son will have no problem returning to Qld. All he has to do is, on the form, mark the circle that states Resident of Qld. This is regarded as an exemption, even though it is not specifically listed on the list of exemptions. I have received my pass within 3 minutes of submitting it. Just be aware that the pass is only valid for 7 days, otherwise another application has to be made. You can choose to print it out, or show it on your smart phone. but I was advised by Qld health that it is better to have it printed and displayed on the dash as you will get through the border checks much quicker.

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Yes I can’t find it either. Can someone reply to me if they find it first

Not available for a couple of days Qld premier said on news yesterday.

Can someone let me know where you get the declaration form from I can’t find it either

Read above comments going to be on the government site soon

My wife & I will be trsvelling to Brisbane from Gundagai NSW on 24th July. Where do I obtain a Border declaration form or do I sign one at the NSW/QLD border.

LOL @ all the people looking for a form, this QLD government has fumbled every step of the way.
I would expect the form to be available a few hours after they are required, just like the border jokes, I mean passes.
I sure as hell hope the checkpoints are removed and the declarations just need to be visible, otherwise crossing the border will become even worse!
And for people worried about having VIC plates or being from VIC – it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you have not been to VIC recently, that applies to everyone, if you have, don’t go to QLD or if you really need to 2 weeks quarantine at your own expense.

Yes, as usual, incompetency from the Qld govt. Not too many geniuses evident there!

i live in tweed and the wait to cross the border can be 20 to 30 minutes…can you imagine how long the que will be when travellers from nsw are arriving for school hols on the gold coast ..probably some 6 klms entering into 1 lane on motorway…… this will be just to check victorian cars …good luck to all you visitors

I’m one of those visitors and am dreading the traffic.. I do feel sorry for locals! Also, does anyone know anything about the border declaration yet?

Yep. When you sit in the traffic for your one visit, please spare a thought for those of us who do it daily.
Very depressing.

I passed the border on the weekend it took a hr, and they were just waving everybody through, it will be disaster if we all have to actually stop and sign a form

I’m arriving from Sydney at 7:40 am on the 10th. Does that mean I need to go into quarantine?

Can you transit through Tullamarine from Tasmania to Queensland

Rang the Queensland COVID hotline asking that question, was told if I didn’t leave Tullamarine airport and practiced social distancing, used mask in airport should be ok but things could change, I decided easier to get direct flight to Brisbane

I would also like to know the answer to this, also what happens if you’re driving from the Spirit of Tasmania and do not physically stop in Vic, however have had to transit through?


I live in Qld but will be travelling to Newcastle by car, do I need a declaration form on return.

Yes flying from Qld to NSW at the end of the month, and can’t seem to find any information in regards to whether I need a border pass or declaration form or how to get one. Tried calling airline but no joy there either Please help

Where do we get a declaration form from I have searched everywhere

We are driving off the Spirit of Tas with full tank of petrol and not stopping til we reach NSW late morning. Is this considered spending time in a local gov area in Vic?

I am interested in the answer to this question too.

following this discussion…

This is the exact question we have. Is this considered as ‘having visiting local government areas within Vic’?

Where can i get a declaration form to enter Queensland. I have searched everywhere possible, maybe i missed something

I came back over the border on the weekend with my pass, it took a hr to cross and they were just waving everyone through with passes, will be a disaster if everyone has to actually stop and sign a form

Can i book my flight from NSW to Brisbane for July 11 and worry abut the border declaration later?

We are a Victorian family of four relocating to live on the Gold Coast. Planning has commenced for our move, including signing a lease on a home in Mermaid Beach.

Prior to yesterday, our plan was to depart Melbourne by car, driving as a family in same vehicle to Gold Coast. We would avoid any ‘hot spots’ whilst driving. Our planning has us crossing QLD boarder on 19th July… continuing directly, with zero stops, to our leased property where we immediately enter 14 day quarantine.

The property is large with plenty of space for our four year old boy & two year old daughter to run around & play. Under this roof we believed that our family could make it though required quarantine period coming out healthy & mentally unscathed.

Fast forward to today & under new rules coming into effect, we are still required to quarantine for 14 days, but with reference to this being done in a hotel.

Thanks for reading our background story. The specific question I have is;

~ Under new rules do/can we arrange the hotel room for our family to quarantine at, or is this hotel & room selected for us by government to cater for domestic & international people that fall into quarantine requirements?

~ And if we can choose & arrange our own hotel room would government, as an exception, allowing my family to undertake quarantine over 14days in our new leased property that we have access to from 19th July.

I thank you in advance for help in answering for us,

So I just rang the QLD government”s corona virus direct line, very conflicting information, one minute they are saying that you will be able to download the form within a few days, and then someone else that I spoke to said that you can”t download the form, will need to be done at the actual border….They have lost the plot…

I was told by a woman on the COVID help line that the form won’t be available until 10 july. What a debarcle, helper was not very helpful.
The Premier said it would be available in a few days. Ffs qld get your act together.
NB: when it does become available on line I suspect it will be on the COVID19 site, but hey …

What does local government area mean? Does it include regional Victoria where they have had zero cases for weeks.

Here is an example… The City of Ballarat is a local government area in the west of the state of Victoria, Australia.
Ballarat is like a 2 hour drive from city of Melbourne but it is still Local Government and same no covid cases.

How about some answers to these questions. How and where to get Border Declaration ?????

Where can i get both the border Pass & declaration that I haven’t been to Victoria is there a website I can go on to get these forms filled out asap?

I am a N.T resident/worker who spent time in victoria to be with my children during this dilemma and am returning to work in the N.T as my expertise is a specialist requirement. I have self isolated in Nsw for 14 days and am expectiong to transit through qld to convoy with other work colleagues back to the N.T. I have applied for exemption to enter qld and have a class A exemption form. I have an expected start date of 31st of july. Will I be allowed to do so as I am only transiting through to return to work as an essential worker?

can we download and print a declaration pass .we are qlders heading to Port to see an elderly mother and then coming home again to Gold Coast .do we still need to do the declaration

Were do you get the declaration form to go into QLD

Were do you found the declaration form to get into WLD

What if a person is flying from Tasmania to Queensland and has to transit via Melbourne airport?

Reply to myself lol.
Tullamarine airport is federal government and not local according to Google.

I cannot find anywhere on here a QLD boarder declaration form
Please advise

Work as Dr in Tweed and already can spend up to 1 1/2 hours getting over the border at night back to Qld where I live
This is going to make it hugely worse with even longer queues!!!! after an already tiring day.

Oh heavens! I do an hour for my normally 30 minute trip and l do it at about 4pm. I have to work back today and lm simply dreading how long this will blow out.
I was wondering what it’s like to do it at about 5 or 6pm or later…
Suuuuuurely it eases off at some point.
Besides 2am (ha ha) is there a ‘quieter’ time…
When they speak of mental health…yep…regular border travellers…mental health is going down…down…down…

Can someone tell me the logic of why the border opens at 12 noon and not 12 midnight. The traffic at 12 noon will be horrendous

If my flight arrives prior to 12 noon on the 10th July do I have to wait at the airport until noon?

My partner needs to fly back to QLD for work but how the hell are we meant to find over $2000 for the hotel quarantine?

Can anyone help me please where do I get the form from to go to Queensland

My head hurts

If someone is Victorian but has been in NSW for 15 days, can they still enter?

Are Border Decloration Forms available on line ??
If so where ??

They are now


I typed into Google search
QLD boarder declaration form and it came up

The one for the 10th is not yet available… Others have said it won’t be available until then ?

that is the old one

At the moment the page is STILL saying only if you are on that long list and if you tick “none of the above” it comes back as you are not accepted google it and read it you will see what I mean.

Apparently it won’t be available until ‘nearer the time’ but I have a feeling it won’t be until 10th July

The declaration is up on the website now

where??? I only see the exemption form.

Can you please show link as i have searched and cant find thanks