Queensland considering changes to border opening requirements

There are reports that Queensland is considering changing its requirements for opening the borders to New South Wales.

The Chief Health Officer’s current recommendation stipulates that NSW has to go 28 days with no cases of community transmission before we would let them back into Queensland.

That clock was reset yesterday, when just one mystery case was recorded over the border.


It’s understood Queensland Health is now considering halving the number of days to 14, after South Australia announced similar measures yesterday.

They are today opening up to the ACT but will not open to NSW until it’s been two weeks of no new community transmission.

Queensland Health maintains that it reviews the border restrictions at the end of every month.

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An impossible goal becomes slightly less than impossible, yay….
Either have the border fully closed or fully open, not the halfway BS that happened last time.

But if they bow to pressure and just one case gets through causing an outbreak we can kiss goodbye to any hope of trans tasman travel which means thousands of people will not have the opportunity to visit aged or sick family in NZ and Aussies and Kiwis won’t be able to visit similar situations here. It will also be a further blow to the travel industry and the associated hospitality sector if Australia remains shut down to other countries. I’m still in favour of a hard border for these reasons. Keep Qld safe and lets get back to some kind of normality similar to NZ. Let those regions with the problems deal with their own situations first rather than run the risk of spreading it throughout the rest of the country. It’s not a big ask and would save all this open borders, closed borders, semi open borders, etc. That clearly does not work.

If we don’t learn to live with this virus our borders, domestic and international, will never open! Qlders are kidding themselves if they think this state govt is protecting us. It’s going to be ten times worse next year because no-one has immunity. There’s a vaccine, that’s not tested, that the company that’s making it can’t be held accountable for any adverse reactions. Yeah Nah! I’ll take my chances with the virus that has a 97% recover rate at worse.

Northern nsw is at more of a risk ofa Covid out break from qld’ers coming over the border, bring on the election and the borders will be reopened

We need to vote Anna out !@@@ double standards and inconsistancies

Must be an election coming up!

Of course they are. There is an election next month.

I agree I have said all along the border will be open for election Time