Queensland dead-last in first dose vaccination race

The state opposition is calling for the government to do more to get our vaccination rate up, as new figures show we’re dead last on the race to get the jab.

Over the weekend, Queensland’s first dose rate came in at 52.7 per cent, compared to second-last Western Australia at 52.95 per cent.

New South Wales is leading the race, with 72.63 per cent of the population having received their first dose.


There are concerns that because Queensland is closed off to New South Wales and Victoria, there is no urgent need for the population to further protect themselves.

It’s prompted calls from the state opposition for the government to open more vaccination sites, in order to get our rate up.

“We are seeing the negative results of that scare campaign earlier on by the state government,” LNP Leader David Crissafulli said.

“And the only way to change that is more mass vaccination clinics, more drive-through hubs and finally some clear messaging about the safety and importance of getting vaccinated,” he said.

It comes as south-east Queensland remains on alert after another Covid case was detected yesterday, but authorities are confident that the risk remains low.

Yesterday’s case was the mother of a child who contracted the virus from the Logan truck driver last week.

It’s forced more than a thousand people into home quarantine as a result.

Authorities warn the next 24-48 hours are critical to see whether or not another lockdown will be needed.