Queensland dinosaur declared the biggest in Australia

A new and massive dinosaur recently discovered in outback Queensland has become Australia’s largest dinosaur!

The fossilised skeleton of a giant sauropod was found in 2007 at Eromanga and named ‘Cooper’ after Cooper Creek.

It’s believed to have been as long as a basketball court and taller than a B-double!


Queensland scientists have now declared the creature to have been Australia’s largest dinosaur after a 17 year-long joint effort between Queensland Museum and Eromanga Natural History Museum palaeontologists, fossil preparators, geologists, and countless volunteers.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says this is a fantastic claim for Queensland to have.

“This is the kind of exposure that money can’t buy for outback tourism,” the Premier said.

“Dinosaur tourism has great potential to create jobs and generate millions of dollars for businesses in west Queensland.

“This discovery and scientific finding will put outback Queensland on the map as one of the world’s leading destinations for dinosaur tourism.”

Minister for Arts Leeanne Enoch said the exciting new discovery helps to cement Queensland as Australia’s dinosaur capital.

“Discoveries like Australotitan tell the story of a time when dinosaurs roamed Queensland,” Minister Enoch said.

“Queensland Museum experts have been on the ground, sharing their knowledge with regional museums and helping to preserve and better understand the diverse paleontological history of our state.

“These unique outback discoveries are supporting Queensland as we deliver our economic recovery plan creating local jobs in regional and cultural tourism.”