Queensland girl ruins $10,000 sneakers to buy thousands of pairs for youth shelter

Brisbane-born and New York-based artist CJ Hendry, who is making waves in the world with her meticulous picture-perfect drawings, is using her talents to make a difference.

For her latest piece, she destroyed a pair of Nike Air MAGs, of which only 1500 consist in the world, by dipping them in black paint.

She then penned a blown up sketch of the sneakers and auctioned that off for charity.


The proceeds from her piece then went to purchasing shoes for Sheltering Arms, a youth centre in New York City.

The campaign, titled #SneakerDead, highlights the irony of collecting high-end sneakers, when the youths of your own community can’t even afford shoes.


#sneakerdead from Cj Hendry on Vimeo.

Hendry, who once gifted a sketch to Kanye West (pictured below), specialises in black-and-white ink drawings of everyday objects.

Kash Kurrency Arches 640gsm UniPin pens 75x105cm

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Last year she made a statement about gun violence, by flying a 3,000 sq ft piece of her work over Orlando, New York and Chicago.

The banner depicted a drawing of a t-shirt crumpled into the shape of a gun with a bloodied muzzle, followed by the hashtag #ENDGUNVIOLENCE.

Detail… Made in USA currently flying all over Orlando, Chicago and New York #endgunviolence

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