Queensland Government slams “unfair” federal budget

THE Queensland Government has slammed the federal government for failing to deliver big ticket items for the state in Tuesday night’s federal budget.

Queensland walked away with $4 billion in new infrastructure spend for major road and transport projects, although only a quarter of that will be brought into forward estimates.

Deputy Premier and Treasurer Jackie Trad said it put funding for critical infrastructure on the backburner, particularly the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project.


“The federal budget was fundamentally unfair for Queenslanders,” Ms Trad said.

“There’s only one way to put it – Queensland is missing out.

“There was zero funding for Cross River Rail which will get people home faster and deliver thousands of jobs across our rapidly growing region.

“While the LNP continue to ignore Cross River Rail, they are spending billions on similar projects in Victoria and New South Wales.

“Across the state, they say they’re spending $2.6 billion more on infrastructure but a massive $2.3 billion of that is more than four years down the track.

“Queensland is growing and we need that investment now, not way out in the never-never.

Ms Trad said it was also disappointing to see the state would lose out on $1.8 billion in GST revenue over the forward estimates.

“There wasn’t a cent for critical programs like the National Partnership on Remote Indigenous Housing, which will disproportionately impact some of Queensland’s most disadvantaged communities,” she said.

“There is also no allocation for the money owed to Queensland for services already provided in our TAFEs and hospitals.

“What’s clear from this budget is that Scott Morrison only has a plan to try and get re-elected, not a plan for the future of Queensland.”

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The labor party in Qld complaining about not getting handouts because the spent all the money then sold all the assets and now the cupboards are bare, so the coalition should fix the problem created by the morons?

So true!

So Labor is expecting more money even though they have a tragic history of wasting billions of dollars and not saving a dollar…

Also, the free billions of dollars they are complaining about being ” $2.3 billion of that is more than four years down the track” let’s also be frank at the speed QLD labour works with road projects… It takes them allot longer than 4 years from start to finish for anything they do so they will get the money well before any major road projects is compleated!

We’ve had road works from Brisbane to sunshine costs for I can’t recall how many years now and yet it seems there is very little progress so many years later… such a waste of money and time for all commuters!

Stop whining and wasting our hard earned dollars and get the jobs done at a decent price and time frame!