Queensland inching closer to hosting 2032 Olympics

Queensland is a set closer to winning the hosting rights for the 2032 Olympics, with reports we’re about to be dubbed the ‘preferred candidate’ for the world-wide event.

Our bid would see the Summer Games held in venues across the whole of the southeast.

It would also be a major boon for the Gold Coast, which would be able to use all our Commonwealth Games infrastructure.


There are reports from ‘Insidethegames’ that Olympic officials are about to name us as the preferred candidate, in their Future Host Summer Commission presentation to the International Olympic Committee this week.

It would put us above competitors in Qatar, Hungary, Indonesia and India, who’ve also been publicly pushing to host the games.

It’s understood the IOC would then have to decide whether or not to go ahead with an exclusive negotiation.

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Yep and who is going to pay for it?
Queensland is broke until at least 2060!