Queensland is open after a long 141 days of border closures

Family, friends and lovers are reuniting at the Queensland border today as the harsh closure finally comes to an end.

From 1.00 am this morning, cars were allowed to cross the road borders provided everyone arriving is fully vaccinated and has recently tested negative to the virus.

Police say the delays aren’t too bad for those coming across either, with local traffic warned well in advance to avoid travelling this morning if possible.


Gold Coast’s Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman’s told The Today Show that most people crossing seem to be doing the right thing so far.

“We’ve had a number of drivers try to come across with what’s called a general pass, a G Pass, and the particular pass required is a general a general vaccine pass, which is a GV Pass.

“If people coming into Queensland don’t have the correct pass, they get turned around.”

It’s been over 140 days since Queensland closed its borders to the southern states, meaning the family reunions are coming in thick and fast.

The first flight from Sydney arrived just after 6.00 am at the Gold Coast Airport and the terminal was a flurry of hugs, tears and cheers.

With the borders finally reopen, many families across the country are looking forward to being together for Christmas.

And we’re being told there’s no plans to close the borders again.

“There’s certainly no plan to do anything like that at present, it’s not on the cards at present,” Queensland’s new Chief Health Officer John Gerrard told myGC.

“It’s not something that’s being planned for. It’s not even being discussed.”