Queensland kids set to learn a second language from Prep by 2025

Every State primary school in Queensland is set to offer languages from Prep by 2025, in a move that is expected to boost education outcomes and give children a better start in life.

Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek said starting next year, schools will be required to teach students a language other than english from Year 5 to 8.

Up until now, it was mandatory for only Year 6 – Year 8 students to learn a language.


“It’s widely acknowledged that learning a language has a positive impact on a student’s overall literacy, enhancing their learning in other areas,” Mr Langbroek said.

“While this announcement ensures students can receive an extra year of language education from 2015, schools are still strongly encouraged to offer languages from Prep to Year 12.

“State schools decide which languages to offer in consultation with their school community.

“Successful language programs need a strong, shared commitment from both the school and community.”

Mr Langbroek said the change to the Queensland Government’s mandatory languages policy coincides with a new Global Schools – Creating successful global citizens proposal that would see all state primary schools offer languages from Prep by 2025.

“This proposal, that we will consult the community about, envisages a system in which all state primary schools will offer education in a language or languages other than English right from Prep,” he said.

“The Queensland Government strongly values the contribution that languages education makes both to individuals and to society as a whole.

“This is part of preparing our young people to thrive in a global society.

“Learning another language provides students with communication skills, opens their minds to new ideas and builds social and cultural understanding.”

More information on the Global Schools – Creating successful global citizens plan is available at education.qld.gov.au/globalschools.html