Queensland left out of national emergency declaration for flooding

Queensland’s been left out of the national emergency declaration made following the recent flooding.

The Prime Minister’s office confirmed late yesterday that only northern New South Wales would fall under the declaration.

It follows days of deliberation over the flooding crisis, which has swamped areas like Lismore in northern New South Wales and areas around Brisbane and Ipswich in Queensland.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison toured the affected areas this week before approaching the Governor General last night to officially make the declaration.

It’ll mean that northern New South Wales can access a swifter supply of support and relief funds as they begin the enormous recovery task.

While Queenslanders can still access support, the national emergency declaration does not apply here.

It comes days after the Queensland Premier hit out at the Prime Minister for not making an emergency declaration sooner.

“I did raise it yesterday, he said it was just for the northern NSW areas,” Annastacia Palaszczuk said about a recent discussion with the Prime Minister.

“It would be nice if there was equality,” she added.

“My members on the ground have said to me, ‘How can this be different?’

“People have lost their whole life’s possessions.

“But it’s tough out there for people and whether you live in Queensland or NSW, natural disasters impact on people the same way.”