Queensland licences get a makeover

The Queensland licence is getting revamped this year, with new cards rolling out around the state as early as this month.

Transport and Main Roads (TMR) announced the changes this morning, moving the design to a contact-less card.

Instead of a visible microchip, which requires the cards to be inserted into scanners for reading, the cards will be contactless, so they can be tapped instead.


It means the chip will no longer be visible on the card, allowing space for bigger font to assist Queensland Police with reading the cards.

TMR’s General Manager for Land Transport Safety and Regulation Andrew Mahon says the roll out will include a new photo identification card for young Queenslanders.

“We are aware young people who don’t have a learner licence may still need photo identification to prove their age and access community services.

“Since 1 April, the current Adult Proof of Age card has become the Photo Identification card and eligibility for the card has been reduced from 18 to 15 years old.

‘‘First-time class C (car) learner applicants who hold a Photo ID card will be eligible for a $40 reduced fee.

“The Photo Identification card and new Marine Licence Indicator cards started rolling out from 1 April.

“Remaining licence cards, including driver and heavy vehicle licences, will be available from mid-June this year,” Mr Mahon said.

Example of new driver’s licence IMAGE| Supplied by TMR

Example of Identification Card IMAGE | Supplied by TMR