Queensland man fighting against ISIL released by AFP

A Queensland man who has been fighting against the Islamic State in Syria has reportedly been released by the Australian Federal Police without charge after returning to Australia overnight.

Ashley Dyball, 23, looked like he may be prosecuted under foreign fighter laws when he touched down in Melbourne at around 10.00pm yesterday.

The AFP arrested him and took him away for questioning, however his lawyer Jesse Smith said he was interviewed then “released without charge pending further inquiry”.


The AFP released a statement and said the safety of the community is the main priority of all Australian government agencies involved in the matter.

“The public can rest assured that any Australian who is identified as a threat to security will be investigated by the relevant agencies,” the statement read.

If he had been found guilty of foreign fighters charges, he could face up to 25 years behind bars.Ashley Dyball. (Supplied)

PHOTO: Facebook

PHOTO: Facebook

Mr Dyball was detained in Germany while taking a break from a Kurdish military campaign against IS in northern Syria.

He had travelled to the frontline in May despite federal government warnings it is an offence for Australian citizens to involve themselves in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

His mother, Julia Dyball, spoke to the TODAY show after she was reunited with her son and said it was overwhelming to see him again.

“I’m just a bit overwhelmed at the moment, I just can’t believe it actually and I’m just so happy about it,” she said.

She said to them he was a hero and did not deserve “to be put away”.

“We’re very proud of Ashley and the work he’s done over there because it’s very dangerous work that he does and dismantling landmines,” she said.