PET PEEVE: Queensland motorists driven crazy by tailgaters

Tailgaters are Queensland’s most frustrating drivers, according to the results of RACQ’s latest ‘What Drives You Crazy?’ survey.

The annual research asked people to rate the most annoying driver habits, with motorists following too closely regarded the number one pet peeve.

“For the second consecutive year, tailgating has topped the list as Queensland’s most irritating driver behaviour,” RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said.


“We’re taught to leave at least two seconds between vehicles not just out of courtesy but because travelling too close increases the risk of crashing if the car in front stops suddenly.”

Other annoying behaviours highlighted in the survey included motorists who failed to indicate correctly, increased speed when being overtaken, and those who used a mobile phone behind the wheel.

Ms Ritchie said the results emphasised the need for greater road rule enforcement by police.

“Some of the behaviours on this list may appear to be minor traffic infringements, but anything that increases frustrations can escalate the risk of crashes on the roads.”

Top 10 Frustrating Behaviours for 2017:
1. Drivers who follow too closely/tailgate
2. Motorists who incorrectly use indicators eg indicate too late or fail to indicate at all
3. Motorists who increase their speed when you try to overtake them
4. Motorists talking/sending text messages on hand-held mobile phones
5. Motorists displaying aggressive behaviour eg blowing horn, verbal abuse or hand signals
6. Motorists who turn from the wrong lane eg at multi-lane roundabouts
7. Motorists who aren’t courteous eg allowing room to merge/change lanes
8. Motorists who throw litter out of vehicles
9. Motorists who block intersections
10. Motorists who push-in when changing lanes.