Queensland motorists the most taxed in the country, according to RACQ

Queensland’s peak motoring body has called on all political parties to commit to a freeze in vehicle registration fees and to eliminate stamp duty, in a move could potentially save motorists almost $250 million per year.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the Club’s data revealed Queensland was the most expensive State in the nation to own and operate a motor vehicle.

“Queensland drivers spend more than $200 per week on transport costs making it the third largest household expense behind housing and food,” Mr Turner said.


“Affordability of motoring is absolutely vital to Queenslanders, particularly for those living in rural or regional areas with little access to reliable public transport alternatives.”

Mr Turner said RACQ wanted to see the elimination of stamp duty on new cars in Queensland, to save motorists around $170 million per year.

“Unlike some other motoring taxes there’s no logical basis to support the application of stamp duty on vehicles,” he said.

“There’s no discernible link between the collection of stamp duty on vehicles and investment in road transport infrastructure or services. Scrapping stamp duty would increase vehicle turnover around the State leading to a fleet of more fuel-efficient and safer vehicles.”

Mr Turner said RACQ also called for a three-year freeze on vehicle registration fees from July 2018.

“In the three years following the 2011 registration freeze, motorists saved on average $32.95 per year,” he said.

“However, in the three years following the freeze, rego has jumped by more than double the rate of CPI.”