Queensland number plates to include… EMOJIS!

Emojis have well and truly taken over our phones, and now they’re set to dominate the roads too!

Next month, Queenslanders will be able to add a fun little emoji to the end of their number plate, if they choose to.

We’ve been able to support our favourite sport teams on the roads, and now you can tell other drivers just how you’re feeling.


Only five emojis will be released to start with, and we’ve already noted the initial release is of the more positive emojis: a laugh out loud face, a wink face, the sunglasses-wearing emoji, the heart-eyes expression, and just a smile.

A personalised emoji number plate could set you back anywhere between $160-$500, and will be available for purchase from March 1.

The rules so far, in terms of designing your own plate, include being able to mix 3 letters and 2 numbers (five characters only).

You can choose from standard and slimline sizes, but colour-wise is only white text on a black background, and there are the five different emojis to choose from.

If the initial roll out is popular enough, more emojis and design options may follow, but so far the announcement is receiving some mixed feedback.

“Brilliant”, “tacky”, “gross”, are just some of the comments on the Personalised Plates Queensland’s Facebook post.

Along with requests for other emojis, such as the popular eggplant and the poop symbol.

What do you think? Would you take to the roads with an emoji on your tail?