Queensland on track to reopen borders to Adelaide this weekend

Queensland will reopen its border to Adelaide this Saturday, if the city can go five more days with no unlinked cases of COVID-19.

A decision on whether to allow residents from 20 local government areas in Adelaide was delayed by a week as officials watched what happened with a COVID cluster in the city’s north.

But health officials here are satisfied that the cluster is now under control.


“I have been briefed by the Chief Health Officer as has the Premier and subject to no unlinked cases over the next five days, we can advise that people will be able to travel from Adelaide into Queensland from 1am on Saturday the 12th of December,” Health Minister Yvette D’ath announced on Monday.

“This has been able to occur because of the great work that South Australia has been doing and that we have seen no unlinked cases over that period.”

Saturday will mark 28 days since the last unlinked case of coronavirus in Adelaide.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says officials in South Australia have done a great job.

“We saw that rapid escalation in case numbers initially and then they very quickly got on top of those cases quarantined people and managed it,” Dr Young said.

“So if there are no additional cases between now and Saturday morning that are unable to be linked to that outbreak then Queensland will no longer require quarantine of anyone traveling from those 20 local government authority areas in Adelaide.”

Dr Young admits anything could still happen between now and Saturday, but doubts they will.

“If there were any unlinked cases and again, we saw a risk from that cluster, then yes things could change but there haven’t been any cases in the last seven days and I’m very confident about the large amount of testing they’ve done and the large numbers of people have placed into quarantine.”