Queensland on verge of lockdown if any more cases pop up

Queensland is waiting nervously to see if any more cases come from the new infections recorded on Tuesday.

Four infections were diagnosed, an aviation worker, his wife, a truck driver and someone who’d recently completed hotel quarantine.

The truck driver is the one that is most concerning to authorities because the man had been out in the community for eight days while infectious.


He’d also stayed in three separate accommodations in Brisbane. There are now 18 exposure sites listed across the Brisbane area.

Infectious Diseases Expert Doctor Paul Griffin has told The Today Show that he wouldn’t be surprised if a lockdown has to be called.

“Obviously with the high risk or at least one of these cases, I think they’d be very close to a lockdown.

“I think if we saw anymore transmission basically arising from any of these cases, I really wouldn’t be surprised if the next step is a lockdown.

“Hopefully a short one as we get on top of things, but I think we’re pretty close at the moment, so really need to watch closely the next few days,” Dr Griffin said.

For up to date information on the latest exposure sites, click here.

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