Queensland police make up a huge part of CCC investigations

Queensland’s corruption watchdog says more than two-thirds of the 1500 allegations it’s received in the past three months relate to police, and have sparked nine investigations.

According to new figures released by the Crime and Corruption Commission ten police were also charged with 49 offences between February and April.

Of the 798 complaints containing 1513 allegations of corruption made to the CCC in this period, 1009 allegations related to police.


Almost 700 complaints have been assessed with 234 requiring no further action after initial inquiries, the CCC said.

About 450 are being investigated by “appropriate agencies” while nine are being examined by the watchdog.

During the period, seven people were charged with 575 organised crime offences.

Thirty child sex offences were laid against four people following police and CCC investigations into people accessing and distributing child exploitation material online, using peer-to-peer software.

The CCC is also working to seize $53, 338 000 worth of property identified in their investigations.