Queensland Police Sergeant suspended over allegations of computer hacking

A QUEENSLAND police officer has been suspected from the force over allegations of serious misconduct.

The 31-year-old male Sergeant, identified only as being attached to the Legal Division, is accused of hacking into the police database on several occasions.

The officer has been served with a Notice to Appear by the Crime and Corruption Commission for nine offences of s.408E Computer Hacking.


The Segreant has also been charged with one count of section 92A(1) Misconduct in Relation to Public Office of the Criminal Code.

He is due to front Brisbane Magistrates Court on 19 June, 2017.

“In keeping with our commitment to high standards of behaviour, transparency and accountability, we have undertaken to inform the public when an officer faces serious allegations of misconduct,” police said in a statement.

“This does not mean the allegations against the officer have been substantiated.”