Queensland Police show off new litter of crime fighters

CUTE ALERT! The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has released images of their adorable new Dog Squad litter.

The ‘R’ squad was born on March 16 and is made up of two female and seven male German Shepherds.

The QPS has confirmed the nine pups are the first in a string of litters on the way for the Dog Squad and come from strong breeding lines.


In a statement released by QPS, it was revealed PD Rocco (also from a previous ‘R litter’) fathered this brood, along with proud mum, Halo.

“As is tradition with Dog Squad litters, all have names beginning with R: Rhode and Raja for the girls; Raptor, RJ, Ruckus, Raider, Rumble and Reggie for the boys,” the statement explains.

Dog handler Dean Hansen shows off one of the adorable pups. Image: Supplied

“Before they begin their new careers, the pups are content with lots of naps and snuggling in with mum halo in their whelping box.

“Now, at three weeks old, the pups are beginning to open their eyes, stand and keep mum busy as they become more and more active every day.”

They will team up with their new foster carers once they are eight-weeks-old.

From there, they will begin their socialisation period before coming back to the Dog Squad to begin their official Police Dog training.