Queensland police to crack down on hoons over Christmas

Queensland Police have renewed efforts to crack down on hooning, rolling out a number of high-tech cameras across the state.

15 of the new cameras will eventually be rolled out, as well as the network of traffic cameras already in place, to assist officers investigating dangerous activity.

The new cameras double-down on Queensland’s tough hooning stance, backing up our legislation which includes the strongest penalties in Australia.


Between January 1 and September 30 this year, 1,663 vehicles were impounded and 4,345 vehicles were immobilised under Queensland’s hooning legislation.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll says Christmas certainly isn’t the time to be taking their foot off the pedal.

“Please watch out over Christmas, there will be many operations targeting hooning.

“It is a small minority, however, it is having devastating effects on our roads.

“So this is a warning from us, that if you’re out there hooning, we will be out there watching you and you will be held to account as a result,” Commissioner Carroll said.

Police Minister Mark Ryan says the new cameras are able to capture crystal clear footage of everyone involved in hooning incidents.

“We know the community cannot stand hooning behaviour on our roads and in our neighbourhoods.

“The expanded fleet of cameras will be used by police to target hoons in hotspots from the Gold Coast to Cairns.

“They allow police to not only capture reckless hooning behaviour and use it as evidence in court but also assist in identifying all parties involved,” Minister Ryan said.