Queensland politicians to get three pay increases in a year

Queensland politicians are in for a massive increase to their pay packets soon, thanks to a decision from the Remuneration Tribunal.

It’s decided to end the four-year wage freeze for state MPs early, allowing their salaries to be increased by thousands of dollars over the next year and a half.

Newscorp reports that the Premier’s pay packet will increase by nearly $30,000, meaning she’ll be earning over $427,000 annually by September next year.


Other politicians will be getting three pay rises over the next 15 months; a 2 per cent rise from September 2021, a 2.25 per cent rise from March 2022, then 2.5 per cent in September 2022.

The Remuneration Tribunal made the decision to scrap the wage freeze, which has been in place since 2017, saying the outlook is more positive than at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s when salaries were last considered, with the Premier asking the Tribunal to extend the wage freeze through the pandemic.


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Of course they get a pay rise, spend most of the time berating the Federal government for not enough support $$$ for QLD. Then grant themselves a pay increase.
Don’t worry about youth crime, ambulance and hospital wait times and what about all those tourist operators who have lost their livelihoods they were on about a couple of months ago.
Remember last week they had no work to do in parliament so most didn’t even show up.
Yes give them more they deserve it!

did we expect any more from this Labour government, and nothing to show for it but more debt

We all knows this happens in every country in the world. It is absolutely sickening. It also says a lot for the integrity of those politicians who willingly accept these increases. My vote would go to any politician who publicly donated their pay rise to a well deserved cause or charity.

Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Steven Miles nah uh with what you have put our state through this past year and then when we ask for leniency you laugh in our faces

I don’t think you deserve it you actually deserve A PAY CUT and what we get back goes straight to the hospitals to help them where your not

Stop and actually help the hospitals more than paying yourselves more

Time for a change to the remuneration tribunal Queensland, 3 people who have no sense of reality or understanding of what’s happening in QLD.
Appoint Business leaders who can set goals and measure political performance.