Queensland power bills set to fall again

Two Queensland power companies have agreed to a one-off cut to distribution charges which will see power bills drop.

But the special discount won’t happen for another two years.

Ergon and Energex are proposing to cut their charges by 10 per cent in July 2020.


That will likely see an average one-off saving of $54 for households and $50 for small businesses.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk welcomed the move.

“My government is committed to providing Queensland with reliable, affordable, sustainable energy,” the Premier told State Parliament.

“This one-off reduction in distribution network charges is in addition to the, on average, seven per cent annual reductions my government has delivered every
year since 2015.”

The Premier also used the announcement to justify the decision to maintain ownership of the State’s electricity generators.

“In 2015 we promised there was a better way for Queensland than selling our electricity networks, that by merging our networks businesses we could deliver savings.”

“Together with the growing investment in renewables that means Queensland has the cheapest generation in the country and its getting cheaper.”