Queensland rated joint worst performing state in new economic report

Queensland has been rated the joint worst performing state in the latest economic report card.

CommSec’s State of the States reports the Sunshine State is now in equal 6th place with Western Australia.

That’s despite us coming in second for retail spending, just behind Tasmania. We’re also third in relative population growth.


The report regularly analyses eight key indicators, including economic growth; retail spending; equipment investment; unemployment; construction work done; population growth; housing finance and dwelling commencements.

“Just as the Reserve Bank uses long-term averages to determine the level of “normal” interest rates; we have done the same with the economic indicators. For each state and territory, latest readings for the key indicators were compared with decade averages – that is, against the “normal” performance,” the report introduction reads.

“Now in its 12th year, the State of the States report also includes a section comparing annual growth rates for the eight key indicators across the states and territories as well as Australia as a whole. This enables another point of comparison – in terms of economic momentum.”

Where Queensland lost out was in economic growth, we’re we came in seventh position. We also ranked poorly in equipment investment, construction work, dwelling starts and unemployment.

New South Wales ranked last in unemployment, with its highest jobless rate since May 1998.

Despite Queensland’s ranking in sixth position, CommSec’s Chief Economist Craig James says there’s little to separate NSW, South Australia, Qld and WA in the economic rankings.

NSW and South Australia are in joint fourth position.

Tasmania was the best performer, ranking first in relative population growth, equipment investment, retail trade, housing finance and dwelling starts.

To view the full report, click here.

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And there are still people in Queensland that think Labor are doing a good job.
Wake up and vote them out and give Qld a fresh start.

Yes well at least they have kept us safe from the Coronavirus, and keeping the unwanted germs out. Imagine if we ended up like Victoria, think about that one.

The premier and her school boy deputy are a joke he the deputy carry’s on like a 5 year old and people of Queensland think he is a doctor he is a doctor for the union not health.

You really think its the government that has stopped the virus from getting us all then go ahead and vote for them.
In six months you will be kicking yourself because of all the extra taxes and charges coming our way from them.
Their pay reviews are coming up as well and they will all pat themselves on the back and give themselves a hefty pay rise because they saved us all.
Just good luck with the virus.

The only reason they took that hard line stance was because if they had too many cases of covid the state hospitals would not been able to cope in there run down conditions

A strong economy is what keeps us in jobs but the current state government has proven for many years that it’s not capable of managing it to its potential. Time to change to a mob who’ll foster growth.

labour has been consistently poor except in one thing, they know how to waste our tax receipts and ensure they are well looked after