Queensland records one new coronavirus case, as human vaccine trials get underway

Queensland has recorded another case of coronavirus overnight, as authorities begin human trials for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Premier has confirmed we’ve had another case diagnosed in a return overseas traveller, and they are already in quarantine.

It’s understood the person returned home to the Sunshine Coast from the United States, but authorities aren’t concerned about community transmission at the moment.


It brings the state total to 1,071, after another two cases were diagnosed over the weekend as well.

There are four cases still considered active around Queensland.

It comes as the University of Queensland prepares to launch it’s human trial of a coronavirus vaccine.

Around 4,000 people volunteered to be a part of the trial, with 120 Queenslanders selected.

It’s understood they’ll be given two shots over the next four weeks, and will be monitored over the next year.

Premier Annastacia Palaszcuzk says this is another example of how Queensland and Australia are ‘leading the way’.

“Queensland leading the way in that its the first time that there will be clinical trials undertaken,” she said.

“But also too that there is a partner, and that partner is CSL, so that means that production of the vaccine can happen simultaneously at phase three.

this is excellent news, as i said yesterdya, we have world first scientists here in Queensland, and once again we are seeing the effects of that,” Premier Palaszczuk said.

Meantime, health authorities are now very concerned about an outbreak of the virus in New South Wales.

A number of people have tested positive in connection to a popular pub, with Queenslanders now urged to get tested if they were travelled through there.

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