Queensland records ‘unimaginable’ drop in active COVID-19 cases

Queensland has recorded zero cases of coronavirus for the second day in a row, but it’s the massive drop in the number of active cases that has health authorities extremely pleased.

There are now just 20 people in Queensland with the virus, down from 45 active cases yesterday.

Health Minister Steven Miles said at a press conference this morning that figure was “unimaginable only five or six weeks ago”.


He said there have been only 11 cases of the virus in Queensland this week, with the state total remaining at 1045.

Of the 20 active cases, nine of those are in hospital, with three in intensive care.

Despite the positive numbers, Mr Miles says we are still waiting to see if the minor easing of restrictions last weekend has had any impact.

“We’d expect to start to see cases really from this weekend if there had been transmission last weekend,” he said.

“So, I’m really heartened to still be reporting those really low levels today but it’s really as we get into this week that we can be sure there hasn’t been an outbreak of those easing of restrictions.

“We will certainly know by next weekend whether last weekend caused a problem.”

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Queensland Population: 5,167,567
Registered Deaths 2019: 33,190

COVID-19 Deaths: 6

Underlying causes of death (Queensland) 2018
Influenza and pneumonia 518
Alzheimer disease 690
Parkinson disease 393
Unspecified dementia 1607
Organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders 1912
Intentional self-harm 786
Transport accidents 287
Alcoholic liver disease 416
Cerebrovascular diseases 1905
Chronic ischaemic heart disease 2044
Ischaemic heart diseases 3612
Acute myocardial infarction 1509

Why aren’t face masks being recommended. Singapore hsd a second wave and now masks are mandatory. Many countries whether suggest or require masks. Why is it not ever mentioned in Australia except Keryn Phelps said she thought they should be mandatory.

Masks are only good to prevent you giving it to someone else. The light masks need to exchanged frequently and in fact if they become damp for any reason are likely draw in more of the virus. Singapore kept school closed but opened restaurants

Good on you QLD,not like the Yobbo’s down south, they obviously don’t know the meaning of deadly disease, an as far as China goes F–k China the World doesn’t need China, China needs the World, and it’s about time we took back our Country,really p—-d off WITH our Government for selling our Country out from under us , Shame on you all for letting them just walk in an take it all .signed Very Angry little Aussie Battler,an Iam just one of millions.