Police helicopter to stay on the Gold Coast for at least another 6 years

The Queensland Police Service will continue to fight crime from the sky for the next six years following a $29.9 million funding commitment from the State Government.

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Bill Byrne said the two police helicopters – known as Polair 1 and 2 – based in south-east Queensland had been an invaluable asset in keeping Queenslanders safe.

In the past 12 months, the choppers have spent 978 hours in the sky, assisted in the arrests of 347 people, conducted more than 1,100 searches and monitored 30 major events across the southeast.


“The assistance Polair has provided to police on the ground has been instrumental in solving hundreds of crimes across the south-east since 2011,” Minister Byrne said.

“We are pleased to be able to allocate an additional $29 million in funding for this highly valuable policing asset to continue until at least July 2022.

“The aircrafts can rapidly respond to crime, search for wanted offenders and missing persons, track stolen vehicles, uncover drug plantations and provide support during major events and disasters.”

Polair Police Helicopter

PHOTO: Queensland Police Service

Mr Byrne said Polair 1 would continue to be stationed on the Gold Coast, while Polair 2 would maintain its operations in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Moreton areas.

“We are committed to ensuring our police service is equipped with the resources it needs to keep Queenslanders safe now and into the future, particularly with the upcoming Commonwealth Games,” Minister Byrne said.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said the police helicopters were an extremely useful tool in preventing, detecting and solving crime across the south-east.

Polair Police Helicopter

PHOTO: © Jaydan Duck

“Having an eye in the sky to monitor what is happening and providing real-time intelligence to police on the ground means officers can better respond to unfolding situations,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“It also adds a layer of safety for both the officers responding to crime and the wider community by assisting in the pursuit of offenders on our busy roads.

“The state-of-the-art equipment on board also allows officers to record high quality footage to be used as evidence in court cases and a loud speaker to send out important public messaging.”