Queensland sets new national record for largest hailstone

Queensland has broken an Australian record for the largest hailstone, following wild storms in the eastern part of the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology says they’ve been analysing public reports and images that a 16-centimetre hailstone was recorded in the Yalboroo area north of Mackay yesterday afternoon.

It breaks the previous hailstone record, also held by Queensland, which was a 14 centimetre stone found during severe storms in the southeast this time last year.


The Bureau says they’ve undertaken verification work, including investigating public reports.

They consider the following:

– If there is an objective measuring device next to the hailstone in the video or image, such as a rule or tape measure
– If there are multiple reports, video or images of large hailstones and associated damage
– If the weather data corroborates the reports – for example, had the storm had already moved offshore by the time the hail reportedly hit.