Queensland ship wreck returns to shore for investigation

A fishing boat that sank off the coast of Queensland killing a number of people including a Gold Coast man has now been salvaged from the ocean floor and taken to Bundaberg.

The Fishing Vessel Dianne, which sank off the coast of the town of Seventeen Seventy in October last year, has arrived into the Port of Bundaberg below the water’s surface.

The boat was partially raised last week, to allow crews to prepare the vessel for the surface.


She was then dragged back to the port under the water and is today having the water pumped out before undergoing a proper investigation.

The vessel sank on October 16, 2017 with several people on board.

The bodies of 30-year-old Adam Hoffman and 45-year-old Ben Leahy were located by police divers.

39-year-old Eli Tonks, 33-year-old Adam Bidner, 28-year-old Zach Feeney and 34-year-old Chris Sammut are presumed not to have survived.