Queensland teachers will strike if schools don’t shut this week

Queensland teachers have announced they will strike this week, if the state government doesn’t close schools amidst the coronavirus crisis.

New measures introduced overnight mean that pubs, clubs, restaurants, gyms and many other businesses will be closing as of midday today.

Though the medical advice still says that schools are safe to remain open.


Just today, one school in Brisbane has had to close its doors, with three parents testing positive over the weekend.

Over the border, New South Wales is keeping its schools open, though the state government is encouraging parents to keep students home wherever possible.

While in Victoria, school holidays have been brought forward to this week.

The Queensland Teachers Union announced this morning that teachers are becoming increasingly concerned for their own welfare, and will move to strike action if the government doesn’t act.

It’s understood Union representatives will be meeting with the education minister this afternoon to further discuss the matter.

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I think this is a bad call. Teachers at least get to stay on full pay, strike or no strike. Compare that to the thousands of hospitality workers who lost their jobs at midday. Don’t people don’t know when they’ve got it good.

Yes being surrounded by hundreds of kids dosent put them at risk at all. If schools were shut it would slow down spread making it safer for everyone. So no you did not think before you posted

I agree the government is just stupid and yes they do think that the schools are a safe place

Firstly, if Qld teachers strike, they won’t get paid. That’s kind of how a strike works…employers won’t meet an employees demands so the employees withdraw their labour and the employer stops paying wages until an agreement is made…in a simplified nutshell.

Secondly, there are many, many industries that are suffering losses in hours, jobs and revenue due to this insidious virus. Most of this is because the government’s are quite rightly trying to protect their citizens and healthcare systems from the effects of the virus.

Teachers are doing a damn fine job in educating our children in what are very trying circumstances. But the concerns of the union are for a workforce that are being left in the line of fire of this virus for very questionable reasons, and it’s the consequences of this that are the issue. Not because they are secure in the knowledge that no matter what, They’re going to get paid whatever they do.

The real questions I’d like answered are

Why are our children still being placed in an environment that can see them become incubators and carriers for CoVid19 and spread it far and wide, whilst everything else is being shut down and we’re told we have to socially withdraw to a safe distance?

Schools classrooms aren’t big enough for the new social distance rules that are in place, so why are the same rules that are being applied to the hospitality workers not being applied to the education workers?

Because there is no defining evidence that children spread it.

Children spread all kinds of germs…..coronavirus isn’t a special exclusive adults only bug

No they don’t. Strike = no pay.

Nah think about the doctors and nurses at hospitals, or those working at the supermarkets.. Who needs medical care or toilet paper? it’s not fair to expose them either so we should close everything

Ones optional ones not. Teenagers sent taking precautions so having to be at home would help

Actually Graham you are mistaken. If teachers strike they don’t get paid for those days/hours they strike. Covid19 is causing a terrible situation that is affecting people globally. If the government believes the situation is dire enough that thousands of workers across the majority of the nation should be in isolation at great personal and corporate cost, it is reprehensible to not afford the same consideration to teachers and all school staff. Especially in an environment which means that all health precautions to prevent the spread of the virus are practically impossible.

Yet those teachers continue to send their children to daycare when home or on holidays and expect supermarkets to stay open. They do get paid, the government brought in a 4 week pay deal for closure.

I am a parent who works at a hospital. If schools shut down, then nurses, doctors, cleaners, physio etc will have to stay home to look after there children, then who will look after the sick patients?

Do you have a partner if yes they stay home if no you take care of your kid so they don’t get infected and continue to pass it on to hundreds of other people and teenagers can look after them selves

My wife is a nurse, what happens when I get sick at school without symptoms, give it to her and she runs it through the hospital?

Yep I am a nurse and don’t particularly want any of my kids potentially bringing it home from school. Limit exposure where you can.

Agree. If the schools are being keppt open for health workers they should state that and tell everyone else to keep them home. It would limit exposure all around with less kids and parents going in and out of the school, then it would be safer for the health care workers kids, the teachers and all the other kids.

Teachers and schools are not baby sitters, most school staff have their own children, families to worry about. Why should teachers and school staff remain at work, just to baby sit doctors and nurses children. If you are so worried hire a baby sitter to look after your child, or you and your husband take turns watching your own children like every other working families with children. Teachers are not baby sitters. They are educators.

You’re not being asked to babysit. You are being asked to educate. Do your job.

You should stay at work until told not to as it is your duty of care to your students and their families. You knew about your duty of care when you took the high paid secure government job. Pull your weight like everyone else who has to keep going on.

Ok so when most of the kids at a school get infected from the virus was that the teacher doing there part?

Why wasn’t there something done about the other virus that’s killed 45million people worldwide, some of the people that have it are serving food?

What virus?

Do not close the schools just allow parents to decide, do not count carona days as days off and do not punish them for keeping their children home.

But… What if a kid gets infected and brings it to school infecting hundreds of others who take it home to there parent who work in the medical industry

I don’t think the other union actually wants to strike, the message was misinterpreted.

Selfish teachers! The whole medical industry, law enforcement, essential services, farms, transport industry, grocery stores etc have to stay open. Stop being so precious and kidding yourself that the world revolves around you. Pull your weight and do your part. How un-Australian!!!

So infect all the kids then

Schools put children at risk also. What about when parents drop their children off they than go about their day not knowing if they contract the virus while out and about than head back to the school to collect their children where that could put other children at risk? Does anyone think about that?
Teachers also have family’s. Why do they have to be stuck at school amid this virus. They are in the same boat as everyone else who has to work. Why are they the only ones being attacked about not wanting to stay at work?

No problem if we can also be afforded social distancing and safe hygiene measures. This is nearly impossible in a primary school. Up to 26 kids in a classroom with very limited space. 1 basin In class to get 26 kids to wash their hands. Many, many surfaces being constantly touched. Cleaners disinfecting tables at the end of the day – but not chairs or the mat or other general surfaces. (Govt not providing extra measures here).

Add to this kids with inefficient hand washing technique… (when they are not 1:1 supervised). Also – they are all coming into school after contacts with all their family and friends… big viral cast net right there! School staff have every right to be worried…

100% agree Tammy!

And your job is?

Some observations from a teachers perspective…..
* Very few students are taking this seriously. They are not practising good hygiene or social distancing. We are helpless to correct this as their is no precise directive on how to deal with these issues.
* Ill students are attending school EVERY day, despite all of the advice. If it turns out that they are super spreaders of this virus, god help us all.
* Our prime minister is concerned about education, but I cannot educate my classes effectively if every day there are less and less students. I don’t really know what to do. Do I teach new work (& re-teach it when the other half of my classs return , or do I just babysit….which is what I feel like at the moment).
* Many of the students who are turning up at the moment are the ones their parents don’t want at home (if you know what I mean). They don’t value education, or have respect for teachers.
* Teaching is an incredibly stressful job. Teaching during this is almost impossible. Every day I feel more stressed, the more stressed I feel the more rundown I get, the more rundown I get the more susceptible to illness I get…….
* Most health workers accept the risk of coming in to contact with the ill. They work in an environment which is built to minimise risk to them. I don’t accept that risk, and my workplace is not able to minimise that risk (despite the fairytales our PM is telling).
* I have two young children, a neutropeanic father and an elderly grandmother. Are schools really essential services at the moment, or are we just free babysitting?

Schools and education are very much an essential service at this point in time as they always are.

Going over the same work will give the students who are there a stronger grasp of it and depending on what year level is being taught the basics are the fundamentals to everything they will learn later in school and life so the better grasp they have all the better for them.

Go over the times tables if you’re struggling for content I can guarantee half the students at schools struggle with them.

Yes while a majority of the kids staying in school at the moment may be the children of health care workers, law enforcement or some of the other essential services we need those essential services in place at this time.

My wife is a nurse and I work in a major supermarket supply chain and neither of us are able to keep our kids home at the moment and we appreciate the jobs that the teachers are doing. Neither of us have seen much of the kids let alone each other because we are both doing double shifts and overtime at the moment to try and keep up with the demand.

Teachers in queensland have a week and a half left of school at most I highly doubt my wife and I or others in the other essential services will be able to stop any time in the near future.

Thank you to all the teachers out there that are still turning up to work whether you are teaching or feel you are just baby sitting you are all still doing an essential service especially helping all the families that are not able to have their kids home from school

Sadly I’m a nurse and we don’t work in an environment to protect us we are running out and have run out necessary things already masks ect the only thing we can pray for is social isolation to slow the curve so we and the community have a chance . Children don’t need to be at school . We need to save lives the community needs to pull together parents working opposite shifts or one staying home
To mind the kids . I can’t believe people are talking about childcare arrangements as an excuse I fear they will change there mind as to what to prioritise in the near future . My daughter is a teacher we are nurses knowing what’s comming I wouldn’t want me kids in school now ?

There have been many lessons to be learned from Italy and China . Let’s implement them .ACT NOW .ACT Swiftly . Prepare for the worse hope for the best there is a reason these countries closed schools enforced social distancing. Let’s get the masks produced enforce social isolation let’s get emergency procedures in place . We have no excuse the evidence is right there in China Italy uk and the US . This is not a chipanzee party .We need to get it right and NOW

A shut down is a shut down…. I am awfully confused by the fact that schools are left open.
Schools, let’s face it are often filled with germs and exchanges of direct physical contact. Hugging… Knocking off a kids cap… Tripping… Holding hands… High fives… Pushing…whispering… And the list is endless… Kids these days will often neglect to follow their parents directions and or teacher’s when first instructed. Often, they will actually completely ignore the direction or deliberately do the opposite.. Not comprehending the seriousness of the situation. So…. Do you honestly expect the teachers to enforce the social distancing laws and then get the kids to follow hygiene recommendations with so little assistance and or resources??? I understand that it is possibly going to add to the hugely inconvenient, but important measures that we must all now undertake to start stamping out this horrific virus to have the kids at home but come on people…!!!!!!!. Why are teachers just expected to s*** it up and be at work where it is not even remotely possible to comply with the social distancing laws, the mass gathering laws and then also have to try and keep our kids safe. Isn’t our job as parents to keep our kids safe???????? The teacher’s are already feeling overlooked and undervalued which is totally unfair .. They are so integral to help us create a better future. … Strike is imminent if the state doesn’t shut down schools. In the words of Pauline Hansen “PLEASE EXPLAIN!! why schools and teachers are not included in this shut down??????

Did any of you keyboard warriors see the actual press conference? I did, and the teachers union did NOT say they would strike. The question was asked by a reporting if they would strike and the union quite rightly said they have no plans but could NOT rule it out if their members wanted to. Union bashing at it worst and LAZY journalism trying sensationalise a story where this is none. Stop relying on 2nd hand rubbish. Be informed and watch the ABC for updates.

Children can carry the virus. Kids are not noted for their hygeine esp in school settings with large numbers.
Teachers have their own chn to care for too.
Fair go for all!
Most countries have now closed schools. Some who did so late now regret it and numbers infected have soared in these countries.
Schools closed in Ireland a week ago and most families are managing somehow.

shut up you old f##ks i’m at school and all of you are at work doing p*** all and complaining. go home take your kids and enjoy time with them and speak to your parents as this my be the last time you see/talk to them

The government MUST be pro-active, not re-active to this virus, they are so far not doing a great job, they are out of touch with the reality many are facing. Learn from other countries who acted reactively and are now suffering badly because they didn’t act proactively when they should have to the extent they should have. Such a shame the government is not supporting their own preaching.

Why do they think that the schools are a safe place for children its not. Even though they might not know if they have it but they can spread it to parents, grand parents and more its just stupid. The COVID-19 cases are rising dramatically and they are doing nothing about it.

Well at my school halve of my students aren’t there and yet we still have to teach and there was a case of COVID-19 at my school and im scared tat they might pass it on to me.

Maybe qld do what nsw says schools stay open but if you can keep your kids at home. Get a few teachers to look after the rest that are at school simple. It’s school holidays soon anyway

The schools should be shut down. I am an educator and most of the children are not taking this seriously. They think this is funny and it is a joke. Which means they are not taking hygiene practices seriously. I have children that refuse to wash theirs due to the fact that they simple ‘just don’t want to’. We have new rules that the children are not allowed to play tag but they have made their own version called ‘ Corona tag’. They are not allowed to play basket ball, hand ball or football. Their lunch times have been split, each class have their lunch at a different time. The children who are taking this seriously are scared, not just of the virus, but of all the change that has happened at school. Change is very scary and challenging for most children, which has been leading to behavioural issues in children that we have never had an issue with before. Keeping them at school is unhealthy mentally and physically.
Parents are still letting their children come in while they are sick.
We do not have the space in our rooms to do ‘social distancing’. We are cramped into a room with 50+ children.
We are all thinking about what is best for our children and keeping them at school is not it!!

I’m a student in high school. And I would like to say that yes teachers shouldn’t just worry for themselves and completely ignore instructions given by officials. But at the end of the day would you want to be in a classroom with a bunch of bratty teens that may or may-not have coronavirus. Yes workers, farmers, and hospitality workers are at high risk so the teachers should take that into account but at the end of the day we all want what’s best for us and our families so what would you do?

They seem to want to get the kids back too school ASAP, Qld there’s no problems, they won’t catch it in schools. Throw the protocols out with the baby and the water. If you make protocols stand up and defend them when someone or other sections of society wants too bypass them. I know of two, yes the gov. back down and said ok ok go ahead. This is an insult to all working people on the front line.