Queensland to close borders to all of NSW, ACT from Saturday

Queensland has taken the difficult decision of reclosing its borders to all of New South Wales, announcing the move on Wednesday morning.

It comes as the state records one new infection overnight, a 68-year-old woman in the West Morton area, which is still under investigation.

Two historic cases have also been added to our total number of infections, with eleven still considered active around the state.


But, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the cases popping up over the border are becoming extremely concerning, announcing the closure of the borders to all of New South Wales and the ACT.

“This will take immediate effect from Saturday, 1.00am. And this is the right thing to do. I know it’s going to be tough on Queenslanders. 

“But your health comes first. Your health comes first. We need to protect not only our health. We need to protect the families. We need to protect the families. We need to protect our economy.

“We’ve seen what’s happened in Victoria. We don’t want to see that happening here. Businesses have said to me loudly and clearly that they do not want to go backwards.

“They want to stay where they are. And we need Queenslanders supporting Queenslanders supporting Queenslanders.

“It’s also very important that Queenslanders stay in Queensland. Now is not the time to travel to NSW. Now is not the time to travel to Victoria.

“I will not risk the safety of Queenslanders and I will not risk our economy. We’ve seen that Victoria is not getting better and we’re not going to wait for NSW to get worse.

“We need to act and we have taken the decisive decision to act. I said I will not hesitate and today is the day.

“Today is the day that I say to Queenslanders we have listened to you. We are concerned about what is happening in the southern states.

“And today is the day that we say we are putting Queenslanders first,” the Premier announced on Wednesday morning.

The closures will come into place on August 8, this Saturday, from 1.00am, and will be reviewed at the end of the month.

The Premier says that exemptions will be granted for compassionate reasons, but will be limited.

“Passes for border communities will be for those with proof of address and photo ID,” Premier Palaszczuk tweeted.

Queensland police say they are now developing that system, which should be in place on Friday.

“It’ll be the same online system, so through Q-Health or through the Queensland government website,”Deputy Commissioner Steve Golschewski said.

“We’re planning to have that up and running by Friday night. Obviously the system is being built at the moment.

“It’ll be the same system, and then they’ll be walked through.

“So part of the application, you’ll have to identify we’re you’re living, that will then tell them if they’re in the area that’s exempt or not,” Deputy Commissioner Steve Golschewski said.

Deputy Premier and Health Minister Steven Miles has backed the decision, saying it would only take one case for Queensland to be sent back to harsher restrictions.

“We went 63 days with no community transmission, more than two months with no community transmission, but that all changed seven days ago.

“A lot can change in a week, and we’ve seen in other states how it only… It can only take one case to see a widespread outbreak.

“That week, we’ve had nine cases here in Queensland. Two travellers from Victoria, three cases of local transmission, two Queenslanders who travelled to Sydney and one returning Queenslander via Sydney as well as that one case today and we don’t yet know the source of their infection. 

“Those cases have placed an enormous burden on our health system. We’ve done 85,000 tests in that week – 84,795 tests.

“We’ve contact-traced thousands of Queenslanders. Many are now in quarantine.

“We have seen people go to great lengths to avoid our border lockdown. People have been dishonest, people trying to deceive our police.

“People lying on their border passes and not just in the border but around the state. People in Cairns, Townsville, Gympie – police have now served more than a dozen notices to appear in court,” the Deputy Premier said.