Queensland to launch youth crime taskforce

The Queensland government is expected to announce plans to crack down on youth crime today.

It follows a number of incidents involved youths around the state in the last two weeks, including the tragic death of a pregnant couple in Brisbane.

There have been growing calls for immediate reform to the Youth Justice Act, in particular the breach of bail laws.


The State Opposition has consistently called for them to brought back in on day one of Parliament at the end of this month.

“We will look at everything, we will consult with everyone who has something to say on this matter,” LNP Leader David Crissafulli promised again yesterday.

“But at the heart of this matter lies the change to breach of bail, and if the Premier is serious, on day one of this parliamentary year, we will restore the provisions in the Youth Justice Act around breach of bail,” Mr Crissafulli said.

Newscorp reports that the state government will unveil their plans today.

The state’s anti-terror boss is expected to be called in to head a Youth Crime taskforce, which will move to adopt GPS trackers.

It’s understood scanning wands could also be introduced on the Gold Coast, to crack down on youths carrying weapons around party precincts.

However, there’s currently no plan to bring in a separate breach of bail offence.

Meantime, Newscorp also reports that the Gold Coast is also taking matters into its own hand, with Councillor Hermann Vorster looking into merging more private security cameras into the city’s CCTV surveillance.

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So another 3 week wait who else will die or be extremely injured not good enough from this incompetent government, they seem to lock down and make there own rules at the drop of a hat with the so called pandemic, it’s about time someone Is held accountable for removing the punishment the ALP had installed the current Qld government are a joke

Yes tell the people of Townsville that a special task force is being sent in!
All the ferals will simply hide until they move back out again.
Don’t tell them the troops are being sent in!

I told our local labour member and councillors that we would have a bigger issue in the future if they sat on their hands 3 years ago! As a shopping centre manager we have ongoing issues with youth crime and have slowly watched it escalate over the years. It’s about time someone did something about it because it’s now out of control.

Well the labour lot have done NOTHING over the past years to deal with this and I doubt there will be any useful outcome just another lot of waffle and hope the people forget/or just shut up.Show some leadership for once people are dying whilst you sit on your hands

Our State Government has gone soft on all crime. Not being able to charge offenders both young and old with breaching bail conditions, not controlling youth crime at all, going soft on domestic violence have cost decent Queenslanders their life. We have Politicians from all sides scratching their heads wondering what to do and they are absolutely clueless. They want to protect the rights of the offenders more than the victims and are far too sensitive to criticism. Make a stand, take action, zero tolerance on all these offenders or move out of the way. Make it clear to the Courts that enough is enough. If the Magistrates and Judges hinder progress through light penalties then implement minimum penalties that must be followed. Also seek some advice from States that do it better and swallow some pride.

Re-build the youth detention centres and make them hard. No TV’s, internet, etc. Make their stay there one they will not wish to repeat by depriving them of all the soft touches. And drop the age to 16 to face adult charges. 16yr olds are NOT children. They know exactly what they are doing. You need to make the change before they get any older.