Queensland to roll out new hi-tech road cameras this month

Queensland motorists are being put on notice, with the state rolling out new hi-tech cameras to try and catch motorists on their phones.

The cameras will become active towards the end of July, looking out for any motorists doing the wrong thing.

It’s understood that only warning notices will be sent out once the cameras become active, as part of a three month grace period.


However, from November 1, motorists caught out will face big fines and demerit points too.

That includes fines of $1,033 for those captured on their mobile phones behind the wheel, along with four demerit points.

While those caught not wearing their seatbelt will be sent a $413 penalty.

A trial of the new technology was conducted around the state during the last half of 2020, with more than 15,000 drivers caught on their phones and over 2,000 caught without a seatbelt.

So far on Queensland roads this year, there have been 1236 deaths. That’s already a dozen more than this time last year.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said distracted driving was a silent killer on the state’s roads, likening it to drink driving.

“Our message has always been direct and very simple: just put your phone away,” Mr Bailey said.

“Using a mobile phone while driving has the same impact as getting behind the wheel with a blood alcohol reading between 0.07 and 0.10.

“We successfully trialled these cameras last year, and have been talking about them coming to Queensland roads for two years.

“That time has arrived, and from July 26, the cameras will be out on roads across the state ready to spot drivers using their phones when they’re driving.

“Some of the cameras will be mobile, and we won’t be telling people where they are either.

“Drivers should expect to be caught anywhere, anytime, whether they’re driving in the city or on a regional highway.”