Queenslanders beware, you won’t believe what this tradie found in the toilet

THEY say you should ALWAYS check under the lid before you use the toilet and this horrifying image proves why!

A tradesman in Queensland got the fright of his life when he discovered a huge python coiled up in the toilet of a home he was working on.

Snake Catcher Elliot Budd was called to the Mount Stuart property to remove the reptile, stating that it was one of the biggest he has ever relocated.


Mr Budd said that it was likely the snake was seeking refuge in the toilet due to the hot weather as snakes need water to shed.

The Townsville snake catcher warned that Queensland residents may see a few more snakes out and about as it is mating season.

Only two days ago another local snake catcher pulled a 3-metre python out from another toilet.

PHOTO: Elliott Budd

PHOTO: Elliott Budd