Queenslanders reap $50 million from container refund scheme

Queensland’s container refund scheme has hit a new milestone with half a billion containers returned since the start of November.

More than $50 million has now been paid out to people returning their bottles and cans for recycling.

Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch says more and more Queenslanders are getting on board the scheme.


“Containers for Change continues to go from strength to strength, providing financial incentives for recycling cans and bottles,” Ms Enoch said.

“More than 173,000 Queenslanders also now have a scheme ID, which shows Queenslanders are really getting behind the initiative.”

People can choose to get their 10 cent refund themselves or donate it to charity or community groups.

“About 3400 community groups, schools, charities and sports clubs are benefiting from the refunds,” Ms Enoch said.

It’s estimated the scheme has also created 640 jobs around the State since it kicked off.

The scheme is also having a huge impact on the environment with an estimated 35% reduction in containers ending up as litter.

More than 275 container refund points are now open across the State.