Queenslanders reminded they can still donate blood despite lockdown

The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is reminding Queenslanders they are still able to roll up their sleeves and donate blood over the lockdown period.

While stay home restrictions are in place for various regions across Queensland, blood donor centres will remain open.

Lifeblood spokesperson Belinda Smetioukh said blood and plasma donation is absolutely vital and is one of the reasons you’re allowed to leave the house.


“Donating blood and plasma is an essential activity, and travel and venue restrictions do not prevent you from giving blood – we need you now more than ever. Our donor centres are open and safe,” she said.

“Lockdowns don’t stop the need for blood – there are patients in hospital who need blood and are relying on people to donate.”

In addition to eligibility and hygiene protocols, donor centres have also implemented a wide range of additional measures including:

  • Masks for staff and donors
  • Postponements for people who have tested positive to COVID-19 or been in contact with a confirmed case
  • Wellness checks, including contactless temperature check, before entering the centre
  • Increased cleaning of frequently used items
  • Providing additional hand sanitiser for donors
  • Additional daily cleaning of all areas in our centres
  • Restriction of non-donating visitors to our centres
  • Provision of public health information in every centre
  • Implementing social distancing wherever possible

“Our donor centres remain places of wellness, and we need your help to keep Australia’s lifeblood flowing,” said Ms Smetioukh.

To book your donation visit lifeblood.com.au, call 13 14 95 or download the Donate Blood app.