Queenslanders to be treated to epic fireworks show tonight

The Ekka may have been cancelled this year, but organisers have found a way for the much-loved fireworks show to go on!

From 6.00pm tonight, Queenslanders will get to enjoy a spectacular fireworks display – all from the comfort of their own home.

The lightshow will take place at the usual RNA Showgrounds location, but instead of having a live audience due to the coronavirus crisis, this year the annual fireworks show will be broadcast live on Channel 7 news.


“With the event impacted for only the third time in its history because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re proud to broadcast this spectacular fireworks display to homes across the state,” 7 NEWS host Sharyn Ghidella said.

“I know this will be welcome news to all of us who share special connections with the EKKA, especially those who are separated from family and friends due to ongoing restrictions.”

It’s understood the display will be like nothing we have ever seen before, with this year’s fireworks dubbed “the biggest and best”.

So whip up your own goody bag, deep fry a dagwood dog and sit back and enjoy the show!

The fireworks will be televised on Channel 7 News from 6pm tonight.

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An absolutely stupid idea. Watching a fireworks display on TV has no comparison to watching the real thing. We all know that from watching fireworks displays throughout the world at New Year. Then there is the cost. The savings could have gone to reducing the entrance fee next year. And finally, the terror and trauma to surrounding wildlife and domestic pets during a fireworks event is not even considered. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Tons of fireworks up into the night sky. Gotta love global warming!

unlike the other commenters who are clearly enjoying lockdowns and social distancing because it’s no different from their normal lives. I’ll tune in with my kids and enjoy watching some fireworks, because it’s something different from the normal Thursday night. And with everything that has happened and the kids have been really understanding that they have had to go without all the things they take for granted like playing in a playground at Macdonalds or not having birthday parties because we couldn’t all meet up due to being socially responsible..

What a gross waste of money

What happened to starting from 6 pm?

No they’ve just said it’s up next, so 6.49?

I think it’s actually 8.30 from what can work out. They just say 6 for ratings

If you watched the news you would have seen a countdown timer as to when it was on. They also clearly said, later in the bulletin. Some people need to listen.

When’s it starting? Told to tune in at 6pm….

So there putting on a firework show that they don’t want anyone to attend but you can watch it on the TV, what a waste of money just play last years on the TV and put the money to good use, plenty need it right now !!

They were a donation…. free. The company did it as a thank you. Wow some people are thick

Wow why do people not like fireworks

Who is paying for this biggest and best fireworks display that only a few local residents will get to see live?
We are going through a world wide crisis! I am so disappointed with the people who approved this.

Great stuff, we don’t give in!

Didn’t go for as long or wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be