Queenslanders urged to follow the rules amid NSW coronavirus outbreak

Queenslanders are being reminded to do the right thing and follow the rules at bars, clubs and restaurants, amid a worrying outbreak at a venue in New South Wales.

Queensland Health says the state’s progress will be threatened if customers provide false contact details, including fake numbers and wrong numbers.

It comes as a pub in Casula (NSW) is linked to 21 cases of coronavirus, with reports details of attendees weren’t written down at the venue.


It’s now been linked to a variety of other venues within New South Wales, sparking concerns that community transmission cases could spread quickly.

The NSW government is now reportedly looking into tightening restrictions again to get a hold on things.

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Meantime, there are concerns that Queenslanders may have travelled through the area and been to the pub as well, with anyone who visited between July 3 and 10 now being told to get tested and quarantine immediately.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young says it’s vital that everyone attending a venue in Queensland needs to provide their correct contact details, or we could be looking at a similar situation ourselves.

“If someone with the disease has been to a venue, we urgently need to know who else might be at risk of infection.

“Having the names, phone numbers and email addresses of all customers and employees is critical in the event we have to carry out contact tracing and help minimise the spread of the disease.

“Time is of the essence in this task, so businesses must have this information on-hand so we can quickly track down people who may have been exposed and may need to be tested,” Doctor Young said.

The vast majority of Queenslanders have been compliant, but Queensland Health says there have been reports of customers doing the wrong thing.

Businesses are also required to record the times that people were on the premises, and have been sent letters reminding them of the coronavirus requirements.

Businesses that fail to collect of produce contract tracing information could face a fine of $6,672, while individuals found to be doing the wrong thing could cop a fine of $1,334.

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Close the QLD border now, The Rona threat is real, go back to closed now!
This open but not open border is grinding border towns to a halt, its a disaster, much preferred the ‘closed’ border

If these rules were enforced in QLD most pubs and clubs would also have their restrictions limited or even closed down.
Time to stop p**** footing around and waiting for members of the public to highlight the issues relating to breaches of the restrictions through facebook etc.
This affects us all.

Fines are not working!
Just 8 people going to the hotel and spend their welfare bonus would cover the costs.
If they are caught not abiding by the restrictions simply order them to closed the doors and ensure any government assistance packages are removed.
This will ensure they get the message.
Stop being so soft.

Jeanette Young should be fired for giving quarantine exemptions to celebrities while Australians trying to travel of compassionate grounds ((family funeral) on top of that – it is impossible to engage with he department for help and assistance- I don’t know how she sleeps at night.