Queenslanders urged to take action this World Obesity Day

This Sunday, 11th October 2015 is World Obesity Day and Queenslanders are being urged take action by going outdoors, exercising and eating healthier.

Queensland has the highest rates of both adult and child obesity nationally, with 65 per cent of adults and 28 per cent of children weighing in as overweight or obese.

Every year, around 40,000 Queenslanders are becoming obese, which is an extremely frightening statistic for the sunny state.


Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift has urged Queenslanders to exercise more, eat less junk food and maintain a healthy weight.

“One in four deaths in Queensland is directly or indirectly caused by an unhealthy diet,” she said.

“We must work together to find ways of getting people moving more and eating less unhealthy food. We must take positive action and demonstrate that we can make progress through simple lifestyle changes.

“Overweight and obesity increases the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases and the epidemic threatens our productivity and hampers our health system.

“This World Obesity Day we’re calling on workplaces, schools, community groups, health authorities, and governments to focus on making change.

“Together we can encourage our communities to work towards a healthy weight, limit sedentary behaviour and boost health and happiness through physical activity and a healthy diet.”