Queenslanders wake to eased mask and gathering restrictions

Queenslanders have woken to eased coronavirus restrictions, after two weeks of wearing masks and limited gatherings.

Yesterday marked 16 days since the Greater Brisbane area was sent into lockdown after a number of community transmission cases had popped up in connection to the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

It sent the whole state into a panic, after some people travelled outside of the city while infectious, including to the Gold Coast and to Gladstone.


A snap lockdown of the Greater Brisbane area only lasted three days, but the rest of Queensland was then ordered to continue wearing masks indoors and adhering to strict gathering rules.

Those restrictions have finally been lifted today, with authorities now confident that the virus was not able to spread out of control.

The Premier made the announcement yesterday, that all restrictions would revert back to normal from 6.00 am, rather than the initial midday deadline.

It means all Queenslanders now don’t have to wear a mask while indoors, but they are still required at the airport and on planes.

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Families will be able to be reunited, with visits to hospitals, aged care facilities and disability facilities to return.

Home gatherings can go back to 100 people limits, while outdoor gatherings will go one step further and have no limit unless it’s a music event that requires a Covid-safe plan.

That rule comes in ahead of Anzac Day, where a number of outdoor memorials will take place around the state, including here on the Gold Coast.

However, some events had already taken steps to address the previous capacity limits, including the popular event down at Currumbin.

The service has been moved from Elephant Rock to the Currumbin RSL, with organisers saying it would have been too hard to manage the crowd in a COVID-safe way.

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It didn’t send a whole state into a panic. Just the media done their spin on it to make it 10x worse.