Queenslanders wake to tightened restrictions amid new local cases

Queensland is now waking to tightened restrictions once more, as contact tracers desperately try to get on top of three new local infections.

All three were diagnosed yesterday, with a couple believed to have been infected in the community for up to a week.

The situation in New South Wales has caused the Queensland Premier to tighten restrictions that were only eased on Friday.


From 6.00 am today, Monday June 28, venues have to revert back to the one person per two square metre rule.

Household gatherings will also have to go back to limits of 100 people.

The return of buffets and smorgasbord will be still be allowed for now, after finally coming back on Friday.

For now, the restrictions are only in place for the duration of the Greater Sydney lockdown.

However, the Chief Health Officer has warned that could change if we see an outbreak here.

“We’re not winding them back as far as New South Wales has because we don’t have those outbreaks here,” Doctor Jeanette Young said over the weekend.

“If we were to get outbreaks, of course, we would, as we’ve always done, consider what we need to keep people safe.”

It comes after three new local infections were announced in South East Queensland yesterday.

A miner is the most recent infection, diagnosed after returning from working in the Northern Territory.

They transited through Brisbane Airport on Friday night before travelling to the Sunshine Coast, being out and about in the community for about a day.

Two others were confirmed yesterday morning, both linked to an infected flight attendant.

An updated list of exposure sites is up on the Queensland Health website here.

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