Queensland’s $200 tourism voucher draw now open!

Queenslanders can apply for $200 vouchers to use at tourism experiences in the state’s far north from midday today.

The tourism scheme, announced by the State Government on Sunday, has been launched in a bid to boost tourism in the struggling region which has been hit hard by the pandemic and the loss of international travellers.

There’s 15,000 vouchers up for grabs, with Queenslanders given three days to enter the draw to secure one of the vouchers which they can use anytime between March 15 and June 25 this year.


If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who manages to secure a voucher, it can be used on a number of tourism experiences including boat or bus tours, reef experiences, scenic flights, short day trips, multi-day tours, spa experiences, galleries and exhibitions.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said if you’ve always wanted to visit the Tropical North, now would be a perfect time.

“With Easter and the cooler months approaching, there’s never been a better time to plan a holiday to Cairns or Port Douglas,” The Premier said.

“From the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, to the beauty of the ancient rainforest and world-renowned Indigenous experiences, there’s so much to see and do in Tropical North Queensland.

“The vouchers give people the chance to go on tours and experience some of the attractions in the Far North and we’ll cover 50 per cent of the cost, up to $200.”

It’s the first time in Queensland that vouchers have been offered to bolster and support the tourism industry.

“But these are extraordinary times and Tropical North Queensland tourism operators have done it very tough over the last twelve months,” the Premier said.

“This is just another way to help keep local businesses afloat and safeguard jobs in the tourism industry.”

It’s expected the initiative could generate an extra visitor spend of up to $14 million for the Cairns and Great Barrier Reef economy.

In even better news, if the $3 million plus promotion proves a success, the State Government says it could well be rolled-out for the Gold Coast, the Whitsundays and Brisbane.

Queenslanders can register their interest in a voucher here.

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Qld always gets it wrong. Why only far north Old for the handout.

SE Qld tourism has been destroyed by the border closures & lost overseas visitors. Hundreds of restaurants & retail stores closed on the Gold Coast.
Is there a political reason for only giving vouchers to one area.

The problem is that a lot of these business that are screaming poor are still expecting the same returns as if nothing is wrong with the economy.
Charging exorbitant fee’s for local attractions as if there were still overseas tourists.
Happening everywhere from GC to Port Douglas.
Support locals with reasonable pricing and maybe enough to see you through, until flights resume to Bali etc.
That’s why most travel overseas because its half the price of staying local.

Oh like usual GOLD COAST is nothing to you high uppities in Brisbane except if it’s something important to YOU we’re doing it as hard as fnq probably even harder DUE to international borders shut and the on again off again love affair our dumbass premier has with our domestic borders we rely on both domestic and international tourism

You focus on the fnq we here on the Gold Coast will fix ourselves and focus on the locals and welcoming the domestic community better than you lot

Have a problem with my comment build a bridge because I’m calling it as it is and they hate when someone doesn’t conform to what they want

How to apply?

So nice the premier is giving away our money and expecting people to thank her.If she hadn’t kept opening/closing borders but done what NSW did ,the businesses would have been in much better shape.looks like just another little publicity stunt.

She kept us safe from this covid and the people of qld rewarded her last election .I believe that people whinge and complain about her dealing with covid ,Should get covid then they pay out of there own pocket for medical treatment

The medical treatment is the same as the flu!
My own pocket pays tax and additional Medicare levies so no issue.

Any one else having triuble here. Message that my email is not valid coming up.