Queensland’s return travellers will have to cover their own hotel quarantine costs

Queenslanders living abroad and thinking of returning to Australia, better get a move on in booking their flights, or risk an extremely expensive quarantine.

The state government will soon charge return overseas travellers for their mandatory hotel quarantine period.

The measures, which are compulsory under the nation’s coronavirus plan, require anyone re-entering Australia to go straight into isolation at a hotel for 14 days.


It’s all part of the effort to ensure travellers don’t have coronavirus before coming in contact with Australians.

Since the start of these measures, the Queensland government has covered the costs of accommodation, food and security for more than 6,000 international arrivals into the state.

It has so far costed a whopping $19 million.

However thanks to the measures, the seven people who’ve tested positive while in hotel quarantine were unable to spread the disease to other Australians.

But that state support is set to end from July 1, with return travellers to cover their own costs instead.

Individuals will have to pay around $2,800 for the two week period, while a family of four would have to pay $4,600.

It’s understood anyone who’s booked their flights before the July 1 date, but arrives after it, will not have to pay for their own quarantine.


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Why are we paying for this anyway?
If someone has travelled overseas and has not heeded the calls for return over the last few months should pay their own way.
Sick of paying for all these Covid related issues.
Time for a full review on welfare benefits and what benefits they provide.

I will have to go to the UK in July. I have dual nationality so not an entry problem but I don’t see why I should have to go to an Hotel at great expense when I can quarantine at home on my return very easily . I think this is all wrong!

just fly back to Sydney, quarantine there then get a cheap flight to Brisbane. Much cheaper than arriving in Brisbane

Really so it’s only Queensland that will have the Hotel fee thing?!. That would be great actually thought this was across the whole Country.

I grew up in Australia but because I’m technically not a citizen I wasn’t able to get any funding when I lost my job because of the virus, I had no choice but to go back to nz. Now my job has started again and I want to go home. I have lived in Australia since I was 7. Forcing me to a country I didn’t grow up in and now trying to charge me thousands to come home is s***. Lots of people are stuck in over countries and have been battling to try to get a flight that doesn’t get cancelled. I’ve already lost a few thousand dollars from this I can’t afford to pay for quarantine. If they are going to make us pay then we should have a choice to find our own accommodation or quarantine at home. Plus I’m coming from a country where we don’t have covid 19


The initiative was introduced in March 2020 to save the hotel industry when occupancy was below 2%. Job keeper is set to cost taxpayers 70 billion, this would have been more if the hotel industry wasn’t propped up with returnees forced quarantine. Australian’s who actually test positive for COVID are told to stay at home unchecked for 14 days. Returning travelers home quarantine can be monitored easily via mobile phone tracking, calls, and random checks, such as in Taiwan where they’ve had more success in containment that Australia. Returning travelers can be charged for the monitoring and be issued heft fines for non-compliance, but they shouldn’t be locked up unless they actually disobey the quarantine.

Much more reasonable solution.

I have heard that the hotel quarantine thing will end on Sept 17 is that true?.