Queensland’s road fatalities up on last year, despite quieter roads

Queenslanders are being reminded to be a little more careful on the roads today, as we mark ‘Fatality Free Friday’.

The state’s current road toll is 88, up 11 on the same time last year.

That’s despite significantly less motorists on the road recently, due to coronavirus restrictions.


Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said Fatality Free Friday was a timely reminder for drivers to make a conscious effort to drive safely.

“This day is aimed at promoting zero deaths on Australian roads for one day of the year, and there’s no better time for that in Queensland.

“We’ve seen fewer cars on the roads because of coronavirus we would have expected to see less deaths on the roads, not more,” Ms Ritchie said.

The RACQ says that as roads become more busier with the easing of restrictions, motorists need to remember the ‘Fatal Five’ and make sure they’re doing the right thing on the roads.

“Queenslanders can now travel 150kms from home or 500kms in outback areas, and we’re seeing the roads becoming busier as more people return to school and the office, Ms Ritchie said.

“Which is why we’re pleading with everyone to take the responsibility of driving seriously. Most crashes are preventable, so we need to drive like every day is Fatality Free Friday.

“When you get behind the wheel put away distractions like your mobile phone, make sure everyone is buckled up and don’t speed or drive if you’re tired or affected by drugs or alcohol.

“The road toll is not just a number, every life lost on our roads is a tragedy and leaves behind a shattered family, friends and community,” she said.

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