Quit your whinging Gold Coast….Daylight Savings Time is awesome!

MENTION the words ‘daylight savings’ to most people on the Gold and Tweed Coasts and you will be met with grumbles of discontent (at best).

Someone visiting the area could be forgiven for thinking that October 4 at 2:00am was some kind of pre-ordained Judgement Day where life as we know it ends.

‘It’s horrible’, they cry, ‘get rid of it, it’s just too hard and inconvenient’.


Well yes, learning how to tell the time was quite tough, but most of us mastered it at some stage during primary school.

I’ve had enough of the negativity.

Daylight Savings Time (DST) is great – especially if you live on the southern Gold Coast or Northern NSW.

We are in a really unique position here on the coast to reap the best of both worlds during Daylight Savings.

And I’ll prove it.

For starters DST automatically decongests the M1 during peak hour and the ridiculousness that is the stretch of road between the Currumbin Creek Bridge and Varsity Lakes Train Station becomes bearable again.

Next comes the flexibility during meal time for everyone. NSW restaurants and cafes open earlier, Queensland Surf Clubs, restaurants and cafés close later.

Surfers are also big winners during DST.

New South Welshman have to go to work an hour earlier in the mornings while Queenslanders must stay back an hour later before knocking off – the result is more waves for everyone!

Just missed that movie time at Robina or Coolangatta and can’t wait another 2-3 hours for the next screening? No problems, just cruise down to Tweed City Cinemas.

Weekly tasks like banking are also made easier during DST.

The amount of times I have been behind 8 people at Westpac in Coolangatta, walked out, got back in my car and just travelled another five minutes south to Tweed where I got served straight away.

I tell you people, if you embrace DST you’ll never look back.

Where else can you finish work at 9pm and be enjoying a nice drink with friends at 8:15pm five minutes up the road?

And I haven’t even touched on the continuous excuse of ‘oh woops, sorry I forgot you were on Queensland / New South Wales time’ that can be used during those times you want to ‘be late’ for that family breakfast, or lunch with that friend you don’t really like that much.

So you see, DST really isn’t the apocalypse that so many Gold Coasters think that it is.

Instead of campaigning to move the zone north of Brisbane we should be advocating that it stay right where it is.